What Can I Do About My Overweight Dog?

Do you have an overweight dog?

An overweight dog is an unhealthy dog, there are no two ways about it. Overweight dogs are at risk of both physical and organic ailments such as arthritis diabetes and weakness in the legs.

Your dog doesn’t need to eat every day. Does that surprise you? It’s true though! Wild animals eat when they can find food and although your dog isn’t a wild animal, if he’s healthy he can quite easily miss a meal every now and then without any ill effects so long as you give him plenty of fresh water to drink. The pet food industry is always pushing us to feed our dogs more and maintaining that unless we feed our dogs every time they beg or whine for food, we’re neglecting them. In fact the opposite is true.

If you have an overweight dog  it could simply be because he’s eating too much, or because he is not getting enough exercise, probably both. Reducing his food intake may not be the answer though. Sometimes it’s what you’re actually feeding your dog, not so much the quantity.

How not to feed an overweight dog!

Specially made food for an overweight dog such as “Lite”, “Senior” or “Calorie Controlled” are not always the best choices. They may contain less fat, but are usually high in carbohydrates such as corn or rice. A good dog food will have a protein food, usually meat, at the top of the ingredients list. Carbohydrates for dogs can alter insulin secretion and be stored as fat.

So look for a good protein rich dog food and don’t overfeed. Chances are you dog will need less food if it is top quality. We tend to reward our dogs with food treats; stop doing this and use praise as a reward instead. Dogs love attention almost as much as food. Your dog will soon adjust to a smaller meal.

An overweight dog  needs exercise daily and yes that means that someone is going to have to take him for a walk or to a dog friendly park where he can run around with other dogs. If you’re lucky you may have a motivated dog and a yard big enough for him to run around in, but in the real world, you’re going to have to walk him. Bear in mind that this will be good for you too. If you simply can’t find the time, there are people who can walk dogs for a small fee.

A good solution for an obstinately overweight dog

Some dogs will not lose weight despite your best efforts due to a slow metabolism or a malfunctioning thyroid or liver. In these cases your best bet is a natural supplement that contains ingredients to help your dog process food more efficiently. SlenderPet is formulated to boost digestive ability and support liver and thyroid function. SlenderPet will make even an older dog slim and vigorous again.

“I have used SlenderPet on my Lab mix since January of this year and am ecstatic to report that she has lost 20lbs so far and is almost at her ideal weight. She has a thyroid problem and no matter what the vet and I tried, her weight would not budge. She is swift on her feet again, even though she is 7 years old… Thank you so much for your wonderful product.”

— Renate S., WA, USA

So if your dog is just slightly overweight or a victim of dog obesity, try SlenderPet for a fast and healthy solution. It’s recommended by the FDA and guarranteed for 12 months. The perfect solution to an overweight dog!

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