Urinary Tract Infection in Dogs

Prevention & treatment of urinary tract infection in dogs

A urinary tract infection in dogs (UTI) is simply bacteria that has entered the urinary tract and started to multiply. UTI may go undetected as the infection shows no symptoms in it’s early stages. It may also spontaneously disapear on it’s own without treatment.

urinary tract infection in dogs

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Symptoms of urinary tract infection in dogs

The main symptoms are urine with an unpleasant odour, blood in the urine, urinating indoors, lethargy and contant tiredness. When symptoms like these appear it’s time to take your dog to the vet as ignoring them can lead to more serious diseases and affect other organs in the body.

Vet’s need a sample of urine to test for canine urinary tract infection. If this is present they will prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.

How can I prevent urinary tract infection in my dog?

Cleanliness is paramount. Bathe your dog frequently to get rid of bacteria. Also make sure your dog has a supply of clean drinking water at all time. If your dog lives inside, let him out frequenly for “bathroom breaks”, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the urinary tract.

Exercise your dog daily if possible. Exercise stimulates the bladder and keeps the urinary tract clean and infection free.

Are there any natural treatments for urinary tract infection in dogs?

You could try adding garlic to your dog’s food. Garlic will help prevent UTI as well as healing mild cases. Homeopathic treatments work very well in manging urinary problems and are safe for your dog. These treatment work on a cellular level supporting the health of the bladder and urinary system.

You could try a holistic vet or simply order PetAlive UTI-Free Formula on line for a  effective homeopathic cure for your dog. There is a 1 year guarrantee for additional peace of mind. There will be no build up of resistance as there could be with antibiotics.

“I am totally amazed! We went to a holistic vet and I found UTI-Free.  He told us it was safe to try it for our five year old bloodhound mix. Thank you so much for helping my sweet girl!”

—Paula, Oregon

Prompt attention for urinary tract infection in dogs is important as the infection could go on and affect other organs such as the kidneys.


urinary tract infection in dogs

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