UK Dog Whisperer

Interview With Nikki Brown The UK Dog Whisperer-Diet & Nutrition Part 1 (Video)

Nikki Brown, the dog whisperer talks about dog psychology, building a bond with your dog and creating a balance between dog energy and human energy. Part 2 will deal with dog nutrition and I’ll put this up in a couple of days. This lady has a true understanding dog behavior and of building a relationship with your dog. There are a couple of sound issues in the middle but fascinating stuff. Peter Gouge from the Fulvic Acid Company Interviews Nikki Brown The UK Dog Whisperer on her view about diet & nutrition for pets. Part 1: Peter talks with Nikki about her journey into dog psychology and what techniques and methods she uses to help her clients find more natural solutions towards their pets health and behaviour problems. See Part 2 for Nikki’s views on natural diet and nutrition for pets and how Fulvic Acid plays an important part in keeping your pets immune system healthy.
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