too much dog food

How to make sure your dog nutrition is healthy

In the market place today there is quality pet food for dogs, produced with dog nutrition in mind. They offer high quality ingredients which have been researched and manufactured to keep a dog in good dog health.

At Hills Pets UK, we have a track record of providing quality dog food. We are passionate about our products and make sure that they do not include ingredients that could lead to obesity, excess intestinal gas and irregular bowel movements.

Fresh food for good dog health is best. It would not be practical to purchase the largest bag of dog food available if it has an expiry date of six months and if your pet is a Chihuahua.

We do recommend your dog food be kept in a cool place with the top of the packet rolled over to ensure none of the dog food is wasted.

A portion size that you give to your dog may depend on the breed. Do not feed your dog excessive quantities of food as too much dog food is bad for dog health. This is even the case if the additional food is very healthy in itself. Obesity is bad for your dog and can impact negatively on longevity.

Other illnesses that can affect your dog and their dog health that are connected to excessive feeding are bloat (a life-threatening condition) and gastrointestinal upset.

Small puppy dogs and very active dogs can suffer from low blood sugar if they are not fed the correct dog nutrition in the form of small meals given frequently through the day. Kibble food for a dog stops build up of tartar on a dog’s teeth which could affect a sensitive digestive system.

Discard any uneaten dog food and replace old water left in a dog bowl with fresh water every day. Fresh water is an absolute imperative for good dog health.

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