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Teaching Your Dog To Stop Biting

People seeking dog training advice are generally trying to find a way to teach their dog either to do, or not do, something, whether it is biting, chewing, chasing cars, jumping, barking, whining, and so forth.  In this article, we will focus on how to stop your dog from biting .

Putting an end to bad behavior such as allowing puppies to bite during play is something countless dog owners need to do sooner.   To prevent the problem down the road, it should be addressed at an early age, even though nipping during play is natural.

Serious problems and injuries can happen if dogs grow up biting, although, most times it is unintentional.   A chronically biting dog is generally considered a public nuisance and a danger, and can be taken from you and euthanized.   Therefore, don’t take this problem lightly .

* Provide your dog with chew toys and teach him to use them rather than fingers, hands, feet, and your personal belongings – always firmly tell the dog “NO” when a violation occurs, and immediately provide him with a chew toy, hoof, sow’s ear, or bone.

* When your puppy nips your hand, loudly yell and let him know it hurts; cease playing with him for a few minutes to indicate to him this behavior resulted in the end of your play time together.  Resume playing after about 5-10 minutes (consider this similar to a “time-out”), and if he does it again, repeat the procedure.  He’ll catch on.

* If you are dealing with an older dog, especially one with a history unfamiliar to you, biting could be a result of various things.  The dog may have been abused, he may have a medical condition that should be attended to, or he was never taught to play as a puppy and spent much of his time isolated without guidance.  This situation usually require the advice of a veterinarian to address any potential medical concerns, and if a physical cause is ruled out, consult a professional dog trainer for dog training advice.

* Until you isolate what is causing your dog to bite, he needs to be restrained and possibly even muzzled around others.   This is not only for your protection, but also for the protection of the dog as well.

* Unless you are a dog training professional and training a dog specifically for guard dog use, do not reinforce or instigate aggressive behavior.  This can lead to a potentially dangerous animal that could severely injure or possibly even kill someone.

* It is recommended to seek help from a professional dog trainer if you have an already aggressive dog.  You could do much more harm than good if you are not trained in this area.   Specific guidelines must be followed for dogs classified as aggressive.

* There is a difference between playful biting and aggressive biting, learn to tell the difference .  Aggressive biting is usually accompanied by growling, crouching, showing teeth and staring .  A playful nip or snatch is different and not accompanied by other signs of aggression, but should be discouraged nonetheless.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Biting Everyone She Sees?

My small shelti mix is always biting people. She was just born that way…. we don’t know why, and she also seems to get crazy around my dad… when he comes home she runs around the house until she crashes into something… we have considered mental illness..

Stop Dog Biting – If You Don’t You Could Lose Your Dog and Your Shirt

stop dog biting before she causes physcal harm to somebody and you have got legal issues.. If your pet hurts somebody and causes physical injury you can be fined a lot of money. If your dog is arepeat offender, not only will you be fined a heap of money however you’ll be charged with a criminal offense and your dog may be euthanized.

There may be a distinction between a tiny puppy nipping and chewing and a dog biting aggressively.If you have got a puppy that appears to be a biter you should in all probability take some preventative coaching actions and make certain you’ll be able to curb the matter before it becomes an issue.Training an adult dog is harder than it’s to train a puppy.

In some cases there might be a health issue along with your dog so it is a sensible idea to own them checked by a vet for potential physical or physiological issues which will be inflicting the behavior problem.If the vet tells you that your dog doesn’t have any health problems then you’ll be able to give attention to behavior modification and training

If your dog is not just nipping like a puppy it’s important that you just stop dog biting immediately before you have massive problems.Not only can could you have legal issues and fines but you also risk the possibility being sued in a civil suit.  Being sued is a real possibility and another important reason to investing in learning training methods to stop your dog from biting.

 There are different laws in each state however one factor you’ll be assured in is if your dog will bite somebody it is visiting be an expensive issue. For example on the second offense New York can charge you with a Class A Misdemeanor. To keep you and your dog safe from harm it’s an absolute must to be told to stop dog biting  Nobody needs to put their dog down.

Controlling Your Dog’s Biting Problem.

When your dog bites aggressively, take it under control.When dogs bite aggressively, owners must find out if this behavior can be changed with behavior modification.


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Do you Truly Believe It’s Behavioral?


When it is clear your dog has a biting problem, eliminate the possibility of the cause being physiological before beginning behavior modification.To ensure this, let your dog undergo a thorough physical exam at the vet’s.Labwork, including a CBC, a thyroid panel and serum chemistry test, can eliminate chemical imbalances that could explain the aggressiveness.Your vet is the appropriate person to help if the biting is due to chemical imbalances.A treatment can effectively stop your dog’s aggressiveness.


When you’re definite it’s physiological, begin behavior modification to put the biting under control.


Hire a Trainer or Train Him Yourself?


Consider a couple of things to help you resolve the dilemma:


Your willingness to rise to the challenge.Are you committed to do what it takes to turn negative behavior into a positive temperament? You’ll be required to put in an hour every day for weeks, perhaps months to complete the task.You amy even have to teach yourself dog training with an online course.


The dangers your pet poses.If your dog is still young, you are in a good position to control him.Young puppies are easier to control as compared to adult dogs; they’re also not as strong so they’re not as dangerous.Dog owners have been sued and their pets put down for causing trouble with other people.


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Behavior Modification Through Positive Pre-Conditioning.


Positive pre-conditioning is the guideline used in the various techniques to behavior modification.If you’ve heard of the term in human physiology classes, you don’t find it surprising it’s used in odg behavior also.After all, humans know of canine intelligence.


Basically, positive reinforcement in dogs is similar to the human concept.Rewarding excellent behavior calls for repeating the behavior.


Think about play-biting in puppies.Observe keenly and notice the puppies are on to each other for mommy’s nipples.Soon enough, a pup yelps in pain and turns away from the play.


This behavior of a pup abandoning play with his playmates illustrates pre-conditioning at its best.The puppy leaving the game tells his fellows the game has gone too rough and that biting hard hurts him.The pup who bit him learns that the game ends when he bites aggressively; it proceeds if he doesn’t bite too hard.


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