Why is My Dog Peeing In the House?

If you’re frustrated with your dog peeing in the house, you’re not alone. Although it may seem that your is simply doing it to annoy you, this isn’t the case, there is always a reason. Wetting inside the house or, to give it it’s official name, canine urinary incontinence, is a common problem but it can be fixed with a bit of perseverance.

dog peeing in the house

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The things to establish first is why is your dog peeing in the house. Is it easy to get outside? Make sure there is an easy way for your dog to get outside the house so that “accidents” are less likely to happen.

Is your dog still a puppy? Chances are he’s still not house trained. Some dogs do take quite a while to train and it can be dependent on how much time you, as an owner, put into it too.

Is there another animal in the house? Your dog may simply be marking his territory and creating boundaries. If the amount of urine is small, chances are it’s a territorial behavior. If it’s a large puddle, your dog possibly couldn’t get outside in time. Accidents do happen!

If your dog is simply peeing in the house during the night, this is likely just a holding problem. Take your dog outside before bed and make sure he waters the garden! Perhaps limit his drinking water just before bed as well.

Older dogs will eventually suffer with incontinence if they live long enough. Special pads can deal with this.

If none of the above seem applicable, it may be a health problem. Have your dog checked out by a vet for any potential health problems. Diabetes could be a cause of peeing inside the house for example.

If in fact it turns out to be a behavioral problem, which is more common, you can take the proactive approach and reward him every time he goes outside to pee. Tedious I know but it’s better than continually mopping up puddles!

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Of course an infection could also be another reason for your dog peeing in the house, as the article below points out.

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Finally, there is medication that can control your dog peeing in your house if all else fails. It is calle Proin.

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With urinary incontinence as a common occurrence in dogs, it has been found that Proin works to remedy the condition. As it tones the sphincter, Proin works to control the bladder leakage.