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How Can I Find a Good Dog Food For My Pet?

Good dog food means different things to different dog owners (and different dogs!). So what comprises a good dog food? Basically it is one that has a complete range of nutrition which insludes plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential supplemts such as Omega 3. There should be no cheap fillers such as rice, corn or soy as these pose serious health risks.

good dog food

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The question of dry versus canned dog food is largely a matter of preference. Dry dog food is much easier to transport and store. Also bear in mind that canned dog food does contain a lot of water. Dogs tend to prefer canned food, maybe because it is easy for them to eat and also full of flavor. (It looks like the dog in the picture has a tasty choice of food!). If providing your dog with a mainly dry diet, remember to also provide a lot of clean drinking water.

Pet food used to be an extremely simple matter, most individuals simply fed pets the scraps from their tables. Today we all know that feeding our dogs scraps is bad and can cause health issues because the things that humans eat aren’t always acceptable for dogs.

Selecting the proper dog food can be hard and there is not any one dog food that’s acceptable for each dog. Dependent on the size, breed, and age of your dog the right dog food varies. Convenience might also enter into what you think is the correct type of dog food for your pet.


Chemicals and additives are as bad for dogs as they’re for humans. The present case of poisoned dog food which has led straight to pet deaths has shocked plenty of owners. In a few cases to the point of absolutely getting shot of any commercial dog food in the home. While making your own dog food at home is certainly one way to control the food your dog eats, it is not always convenient or possible.

One way to eliminate preservatives from your pet’s diet is to choose a holistic pet food that is chemical and additive free. There are a bunch of brands that offer good nourishment without chemicals or additions. Well-being dog food is an example of pet food that’s all the goodness of nature without the unpleasant chemicals that may cause your dog to feel sick.

Dry Food Or Canned?

Another choice you might want to make is if you will give your pet dry dog food or canned pet food. For some individuals it is a case of economics. Dry food is often a lot cheaper and easier to store. This suggests less visits to the pet shop and additional cash left in your wallet at the day’s close. While it could be less expensive you need to be careful about the sort of dry food that you give your dogs.

Canned food has fewer preservatives and so may be the better choice. It does however pose a storage problem and can be much costlier than dry dog food. Another factor could be your dog’s preference! Some dogs will eat anything while others will only eat certain types of pet food. Experiment a little and be sure to transition your pet slowly into eating the new dog food that you choose. Try different tastes to see what suits your dog.

Affordable Canine Nutrition – Where Can We Find It?

Canine nutrition for your dog’s health

Should we worry about what our dogs eat? Canine nutrition may be the first thing to suffer when a family is trying to cut their costs. After all food is food, right? Does it really make a difference if we buy a generic brand from the supermarket? After all everyone knows we pay for the name.

Buying cheap dog food is actually a false economy. Why? Because your dog cannot possibly be the healthiest he can be on cheap supermarket dog food. Think about it; if you go on a diet of cheap junk food for a month, how would you feel? Poor dog nutrition can leave your dog exposed to a host of health problems and maybe even a shortened life span. As in humans, poor canine nutrition can lead to diseases such as canine diabetes and they will also be more likely to be at risk of viral disorders as their immune system will not be functioning at an optimal level.

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Dog food that contains cheap carbohydrate fillers will wreck your dog’s health sooner ot later. Dog’s have different digestive systems to ours and are unable to process carbohydrates efficiently.

Are Carbs Making Your Dog Fat? – Dog Nutrition Guide

There is a significant difference between humans and dogs in their need for carbohydrates and in their ability to digest them. The digestive tract of a human is longer than that of a dog, and the formation of jaws and teeth is entirely different.

If you really want your dog to have the best, then how do you go about finding the best dog food? There are so many different brands of dog food on the market, picking the best at a price you can afford can be challenging…

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If the family budget is really tight, we have to cut back somewhere. Have you considered buying your dog food online? Sometimes this can be cheaper any many online stckists don’t have the expensive overheads to pay. The following article may give you some ideas.

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In breaking news, a pet food company called Horizen Pet Nutrition has brough out a resonably priced grain free pet food called Horizon. It claims excellent canine nutrition, great taste and a resonable price and is selling like hot cakes! Take a look below.

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Horizon Pet Nutrition has experienced explosive growth with the introduction …Seattle Post IntelligencerHorizon Pet Nutrition has experienced explosive growth with the introduction of their newest grain-free dog food, Pulsar. Horizon Pet Nutrition …

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Dog Food For the Soul (video)

Why bother with home made dog food? Many commercial dog foods lack nutrition and are composed of waste materials, chemicals and fillers. Of course you can get a premium dog food that is good quality and has the necessary ingredients for good dog nutrition, however these quality foods are expensive. At the same time, if you feed your dog the same diet day after day, it becomes monotonous, however good it is.

Home made dog food is time consuming to make but the advantages are, you save money and you know exactly what your dog is consuming (at least most of the time!) So if you have the time to prepare food for your dog, you’ll be taking good care of his health. Buying cheap dog food is a false economy as you’ll be paying out a lot more in vet bills as your dog gets older.

Actually there’s not a great deal of actual cooking involved as a lot of ingredients can be eaten raw. Dogs, like people, have their own food likes and dislikes, so don’t worry too much if your dog won’t eat everything you prepare. If you have any concerns switching your dog over to a home made diet, talk to your vet first.

So look after your dog’s diet and you’ll be rewarded with a faithful friend for life. The video below gives some excellent tips

Unbelievable! How to make your own home made dog food. No dangerous chemicals
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Dog Training and Canine Health : How to Read Dog Food Labels (Video)

The trick to reading dog food labels (or human food labels for that matter) is to realize that the ingredient listed first is the one that comprises the largest part of the food. So you can judge at a glance which is a good dog food and which is comprised mainly of fillers. Also look for healthy additives such as omega 3, beneficial for dogs and humans too.

To read dog food labels, find either a puppy food, adult food or senior food that is appropriate for the dog’s current stage in life, and find foods made with natural fish oils for brain development. Pay attention to the ingredients list when choosing a high-quality dog food withinformation from a professional certified dog trainer in this free video on dog care. Expert: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg Contact: Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller