Things To Consider When Getting A Family Pet

It is a well known fact that owning a pet can reduce your stress levels and improve your health, but the health of your future pet also needs to be considered. Animals are live creatures and not just toys to be brushed aside when people get sick of them. Here’s how to look after your pet’s health both now and into the future.

Pets are wonderful additions to the household also to the family. Whether you choose to adopt a cat or to buy a puppy or even to take care of a hamster, these pets are usually adorable companions which bring joy and may lower the stress levels of their masters. This is why a lot of people like having family pets. If you are thinking of having your own, here are some points to consider when getting a household pet.

Be ready financially. Maybe you have been dreaming of snuggling your own furry friend, but have not given any thought yet towards the actual expenses that’ll be incurred for the requirements of a pet. Consequently, if you are considering owning a pet, you should educate yourself on the obligations for that particular type of pet. For instance, your pet dog will require food and maybe grooming as well as anti rabies vaccine and parvo virus vaccine from the vet. Additionally, there are some accessories required such as a cage, a water dispenser, and perhaps a brush.

Check out your lifestyle. Know who among the family members will be looking after the pet’s needs. Possibly all of you are away most of the time and the household pet will be left in the house for several hours. This is not healthy for most family pets. Also be aware of your daily budget when the pet’s requirements are already taken into account. You might need to alter your lifestyle a bit if ever.

Review your family and home situation. You should be sure that no one in the family is allergic to animals. There might be babies or small children who may be harmed by the pet you are interested in. You may need to research about the safest type of household pet or on how children must interact with this kind of pet. Also, consider where you can place the animal within the house. Furthermore, if you live in a condo or perhaps an apartment, you should find out first if pets are allowed in your building or community.

Think about the environment too. You have to also be certain that the environment you live in will be favorable for the pet that you would like to have. For instance, if you live in a noisy city and in a high-rise building, an animal may not feel settled there.

Think carefully about the reasons you want to have a pet. In case your main reason for wanting one would be to have a playmate that can take away your stress after a exhausting day at work, then you should go for a playful and also friendly animal such as a puppy with the suitable temperament. If your cause is to have a friend that does not need a lot of attention, perhaps you are better off with a cat. Conversely, if you want a child to learn how to be responsible by taking care of a pet, maybe you can begin with a bird, hamster, or even a fish.

These are just a number of the things to consider when obtaining a family pet. You should cautiously go over them before selecting one, to make sure that it’ll be a worthwhile purchase that will give you benefits and will not be a burden. Also, you need to be certain that you can provide the household pet a good shelter and a happy and healthy life.


Identifying Dog Skin Allergies

How to find and deal with dog skin allergies

Dog skin allergies can cause your dog dreadful discomfort and are sometimes hard to identify. Sometimes the only symptom you’ll notice is extra scratching, so make it a habit to check your dog’s coat frequently to isentify these allergies and treat them early. This will prevent skin injury and possible infection from over-scratching.

If you are dealing with some sort of skin problem yourself, or just reflecting on when you did, you are probably drifting into memories of pubescent life and teenage angst when your face was covered with zits and you were getting nervous about being seen public with them. In a nut shell, worrying about skin problem before major events was mainly confined to high school. Only, you were probably not considering those pimples to be skin allergies. And if that’s true then you definitely weren’t thinking that your family pet could get such a thing, or maybe that dog skin allergies were much like human ones.

Only, dog skin allergies are really just as severe as a human’s problem and can be a real problem to your pet.

Worst of all, while a human’s skin problems are pretty obvious right from the start, dog skin allergies come with multiple symptoms, and are almost impossible to recognize early. After all, a scratching dog is pretty normal and isn’t going to send you searching through their thick coat to investigate their skin.

Unfortunately, this is exactly how dog allergies tend to present themselves. A dog could pick up an allergic reaction from absolutely anywhere while day after day goes by and their owner simply doesn’t realize. Actually, it would probably be stranger for the dog to not be scratching itself. Why should there be anything wrong if this is happening?

However, dog skin allergies are brutal to deal with and unbelievably common overall.

To begin, the most recognized cause is fleas. Fleas are going to be a risk if a dog is outside for any length of time. But, this flea risk can be misleading for someone who thinks they are treating fleas, but actually need to be treating a more serious allergy.

How do these allergic reactions occur? Simple, from allergens in house dust, in pollen outside, or just grass outside that the dog was rolling around in. It’s almost impossible to tell what triggered it.

Lastly, there are your basic food allergens. These can result from the brand of food you are feeding your dog, whether it is wet food or raw food. Or, they can result from giving your dog those table scraps he or she begged so intently for.

Of course, just to give a swift overview of some particular symptoms to these reactions, we’ll mention the big ones. First there is the increase in scratching in a particular spot, possible swelling around the eyes, and lastly hives, which often appear like rashes.

There you have it, a new thing to worry about on your plate. We promise that was not our sole intention, but one needs to understand dog skin allergies so that they can prepare properly for their pet. And that is a mission we are happy to be a part of.

I’m a family pet health practitioner who specializes in treatment for canine food allergies.

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