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Where to Find the Best Healthy Dog Food for Your Pooch

Healthy dog food – end the confusion

When selecting a healthy dog food for your pet, try not to let the clever marketing and shiny packaging influence your decision. It is easy to be misled by nutrition claims on the package or can, but it’s in the list of ingredients that the truth can be found. A healthy diet will keep your dog in peak condition for the rest of his life, so it’s important to find the best dog food for your pooch from the start.

It can be confusing when comparing the different types of dog food on the market today. There are canned foods and dried foods and foods claiming to be natural. So where does a dog owner start to narrow down the various choices? This article will help you do just that.

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid dog food that’s sold in the supermarket or grocery store. Even if it’s advertised on TV! That simply means that the company has a large advertising budget, not that the food is of good quality. One good tip is to look for food in a produce store, or a store that supplies food for other animals. TSC is a good example and would also be able to give good advice on dog nutrition, as well as breed specific nutritional needs.

Another potential source of healthy dog food is the internet. You can search for “healthy dog food”, or “natural dog food”, or even “dog food for 10 year old poodle”. You can even order straight from the store and have it delivered to your door if you like. Make sure to check the ingredients first though. You could even do all your research on the internet and then go and buy at your local store if you prefer.

Can you give your dog raw food? Yes of course. You can buy the meat from your butcher and other ingredients from the grocery store. Turkey is a clean meat and should not pose any problems to your dog’s health. Be aware that if making your own dog food, you will have to add vitamins and other supplements, unless you are very clever at food combining.

Homemade dog food should be a combination of meat, vegetables and some whole-grains. With home cooked dog food, you will have the advantage of always knowing what your dog is eating. This options is probably best suited to those with a bit of time, however. If you grow your own vegetables, these will make an excellent addition to your dog’s diet.

The age of your dog is also a consideration when selecting a good dog food. Puppies have different nutritional need to adult dogs. Senior dogs may require a different type of food again. Overweight dogs are another area that may require a lighter type of diet. Some quality dog food manufacturers have different diets for specific breeds and even different sizes of dog.

Last but not least. Your vet can be a wealth of information when it comes to your dog’s diet. Some vets sell quality dog food at their consulting rooms, although this could be an expensive way to go. Your vet knows your dog’s requirements better than anyone, so he would be a good place to start if you’re confused as to which food to select.

The correct diet for your dog is one of the most important things to take into consideration when it comes to your dog’s health. Get this right and you’ll have a happy healthy dog who’ll be your companion for many years to come.

How Can I Find a Good Dog Food For My Pet?

Good dog food means different things to different dog owners (and different dogs!). So what comprises a good dog food? Basically it is one that has a complete range of nutrition which insludes plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential supplemts such as Omega 3. There should be no cheap fillers such as rice, corn or soy as these pose serious health risks.

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The question of dry versus canned dog food is largely a matter of preference. Dry dog food is much easier to transport and store. Also bear in mind that canned dog food does contain a lot of water. Dogs tend to prefer canned food, maybe because it is easy for them to eat and also full of flavor. (It looks like the dog in the picture has a tasty choice of food!). If providing your dog with a mainly dry diet, remember to also provide a lot of clean drinking water.

Pet food used to be an extremely simple matter, most individuals simply fed pets the scraps from their tables. Today we all know that feeding our dogs scraps is bad and can cause health issues because the things that humans eat aren’t always acceptable for dogs.

Selecting the proper dog food can be hard and there is not any one dog food that’s acceptable for each dog. Dependent on the size, breed, and age of your dog the right dog food varies. Convenience might also enter into what you think is the correct type of dog food for your pet.


Chemicals and additives are as bad for dogs as they’re for humans. The present case of poisoned dog food which has led straight to pet deaths has shocked plenty of owners. In a few cases to the point of absolutely getting shot of any commercial dog food in the home. While making your own dog food at home is certainly one way to control the food your dog eats, it is not always convenient or possible.

One way to eliminate preservatives from your pet’s diet is to choose a holistic pet food that is chemical and additive free. There are a bunch of brands that offer good nourishment without chemicals or additions. Well-being dog food is an example of pet food that’s all the goodness of nature without the unpleasant chemicals that may cause your dog to feel sick.

Dry Food Or Canned?

Another choice you might want to make is if you will give your pet dry dog food or canned pet food. For some individuals it is a case of economics. Dry food is often a lot cheaper and easier to store. This suggests less visits to the pet shop and additional cash left in your wallet at the day’s close. While it could be less expensive you need to be careful about the sort of dry food that you give your dogs.

Canned food has fewer preservatives and so may be the better choice. It does however pose a storage problem and can be much costlier than dry dog food. Another factor could be your dog’s preference! Some dogs will eat anything while others will only eat certain types of pet food. Experiment a little and be sure to transition your pet slowly into eating the new dog food that you choose. Try different tastes to see what suits your dog.

Dog Training and Canine Health : How to Read Dog Food Labels (Video)

The trick to reading dog food labels (or human food labels for that matter) is to realize that the ingredient listed first is the one that comprises the largest part of the food. So you can judge at a glance which is a good dog food and which is comprised mainly of fillers. Also look for healthy additives such as omega 3, beneficial for dogs and humans too.

To read dog food labels, find either a puppy food, adult food or senior food that is appropriate for the dog’s current stage in life, and find foods made with natural fish oils for brain development. Pay attention to the ingredients list when choosing a high-quality dog food withinformation from a professional certified dog trainer in this free video on dog care. Expert: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg Contact: Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Real Food for Dogs

What is “Real Food for dogs?” Is there another kind? Well yes, in my view of dog nutrition, there is. To put it simply, if you can visually identify the food or it’s individual components, it is real food. If it’s in a packet or a can and the contents bear no physical resemblance to the ingredients pictured on the label, then it’s probably not real, or in other words, what I call “artificial food.”

Real food saved me from having my dog, Sky, put down. It’s true. In late 2006, she was visibly old, stiff, lame in one shoulder and reluctant to move, showed no interest in life and spent 23 hours a day sleeping. She had even started wetting her bed in preference to making the effort to go outdoors. Counting on my fingers, I realised she was 14 years old! The time every dog owner fears was upon me. It was time to say good-bye. I couldn’t bear it! She had been a part of the family for so long; she had been my comfort in so many difficult times.

That night, as if she read my thoughts, Sky refused her premium brand dog biscuits, specially formulated for senior dogs. I served her a portion of the family meal, which was beef casserole and vegetables, and she ate it all up. I decided that if her days were numbered, it didn’t matter what she ate, so I continued sharing family meals with her while I procrastinated about her final visit to the Vet.

Six weeks later, it was Christmas time; family members who had been overseas came home to visit. My daughter remarked straight away that Sky was looking good. “What have you been doing with her?” she asked. “Have you found a miracle drug?”

Without thinking, I responded “No, I’ve been feeding her with real food.”

And so, the phrase “real dog food” in our household was born. We still have Sky after eighteen months. She is 16 years old, but she is as lively and energetic as she was ten years ago, although she’s not quite fast enough any more to catch rabbits. I am still feeding her real dog food; indeed, I would never again subject a dog or cat to food from a packet or can – what I call artificial, or junk food for pets. I make all Sky’s food myself, using human grade ingredients suitable for dogs. I find it no more expensive than feeding her the so-called premium dog food I used to give her. It is no trouble to prepare her homemade dog food while preparing food for the rest of the family.

Sky’s final visit to the Vet looks to be a long way into the future.

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Sue French comes from a family of successful dog breeders and trainers and has been involved with dogs all her life. In 2006, Sue changed her dog?s diet to home made food, which resulted in a miraculous improvement in the dog?s health. This inspired Sue?s passion for “real food” for dogs. If you, too, want a miracle for your dog, visit or, you can subscribe to Sue?s blog at