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Ways To Distinguish The Diverse Types Of Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is more prevalent in some breeds than in others, but whatever breed of dog you have, dog aggression needs to ne nipped in the bud as early as possible, preferably when your dog is still a puppy. An aggressive dog can cause you and your family a lot of problems and may even lead to a law suit if your dog attacks someone. Here’s how to deal with it…

Different types of dog aggression and how to handle them

Adopting a brand new pet is like bringing a brand new member into the family. It’ll only just take a little time to destroy the fantastic pup if coaching isn’t effectively dealt with. You will discover unique forms of dog aggression. These are meals aggression, dominance aggression, and worry aggression.

Food Driven Dog Aggression. The most common problem for the untrained dog is food aggression. The dog is exceptionally aggressive before his meals. No one can go near his bowl of food, not even the dog’s owner. This can be particularly hazardous whenever there are young children around the property when the dog is feeding. This may well result in severe injuries from dog bites.

To correct this dilemma, you’ve to coach your canine properly from the start. Initially, don’t give him a full bowl of food. You can simply give him a little bit at a time and top it up when he asks for far more. In that way, he will know that he has to behave himself to recieve the food. Do this on a regular basis until you can actually see that his food aggression stops.

Dominance Driven Dog Aggression. This sort of aggression normally happens if your dog is just not appropriately socialized. The dog thinks that he controls everything and he owns his territory. Generally, your dog is particularly aggressive toward other people and toward other dogs. To correct this, you have got to walk your dog with a leash when you take him outside. Normally, you should aim to devote about thirty minutes in the early morning and half an hour in the afternoon walking your dog.

Ideally your dog should really meet with other people and meet with other dog too. This may be a little bit challenging the very first time you’re taking your dog for a walk, but persistance will familiarize your dog with other folks and also the surroundings. This physical exercise will not only improve your dog’s social situation but his well being as well.

Fear Driven Dog Aggression. This anxiety aggression is typical for a dog that grows up in an extremely tranquil environment away from fast paced city life. The dog may be scared of loud unfamiliar music, sounds from traffic and vacuum cleaners. Instead of confining your dog to an extremely quiet space, you might have to train your dog to become familiar to the sound that he’s scared of.

Some owners record the particular sounds that the dog is frightened of. Then, they play it back in stereo at a low volume, steadily increasing the sound levels until the dog gets used to the noise.

Dog aggression is actually required in certain circumstances. Some companies require Protection Dogs to guard their premises. However this type of aggression is aimed soley at any person who attempt to break in and not towards the owner or handler. These types of dogs are well trained and an asset to society

There are various dog training guides that may help you to train your dog to stop dog aggression. You can also consult dog and or puppy training professionals for assistance.

Dog Behavioral Problems, Who’s Fault Is It Really?

Can dog behavioral problems be easily fixed?

Dog behavioral problems can range from annoying to downright dangerous. When a dog misbehaves on a regular basis, it’s either because he lacks leadership, or he’s just not been trained properly. Both these can be fixed, but the older your dog, the longer it may take, as the habits have become firmly entrenched.

Most dogs typically misbehave because of the lack training from their owners. A poorly trained or aggressive dog can not only embarrass his owner and annoy everyone else, it can sometimes make them feel threatened.

There are many dog behavioral problems. Among these are excessive barking, chewing, digging, jumping up, chasing and, probably the worst, biting. A lot of these behaviors develop from puppy-hood. Jumping up is a typical behavior of puppies to get their mother’s attention to be fed. Chewing is also a common puppy behavior which develops when the puppy is teething.

Biting is a habit that can be due to excitement or if your dog perceives a threat. If your dog thinks he (or his owner) is in some sort of danger he will growl and perhaps bite the offending person or animal. Dogs can sometimes bite without intending to. Because they have no hands, everything has to be manipulated with their mouths. If the dog is not showing any aggression, there was probably no intent to harm.

Chasing, either bicycles, cars or anything that moves! is a dangerous habit, both for the vehicle owner and the dog himself. A cyclist, especially a child, could be frightened by being chased by dog. A car driver may swerve and have an accident, or the dog himself may be run over. Never leave your dog to wander on the road. It is actually against the law in certain countries. Keep your dog on a leash when walking him and check him firmly if he attempts to chase. He will soon get the message.

So what’s the biggest cause of dog behavioral problems and how to fix them fast?

Lack of Leadership – Dogs need a leader, they need someone to give them orders. If you don’t do it, your dog will assume the role of leader. Show him that you are “number one dog”! You will find most aggressive and destructive behaviors will cease when you take on the role of the alpha leader!

Some dog trainers believe that at least some behavior problems are related to the dog’s health in some way. This is especially the case if his behavior changes suddenly. It could be that your dog could be misbehaving because he is suffering discomfort. Have him checked out by a vet in this case.

Positive Reinforcement works better than any other method and certainly better than the old choke chains. Positive reinforcement uses rewards to encourage good behavior in your dog. He will soon learn to associate good behavior with the reward.

A lot of dog behavioral problems stem from owners rewarding cute puppy behavior such as jumping up on people. When the dog is fully grown the same owners will wonder why their dog has this annoying habit! You have to start behavior training when your dog is a young puppy. Pick them up and make a fuss of them when they do the right thing.

Another tip for your immediate family members. It’s easy to confuse your dog if different people give him different commands. It’s best if you, as the owner take over the training of your dog and make sure every else is consistent when handling him. You’ll find your dog behavioral problems will improve significantly.

Understanding the reasons for dog attacks

In spite of the close association between man and dogs, these animals’ aggression have resulted to dog attacks that caused minor to fatal injuries. Every year more than four million dog owners and non-dog owners needs medical attention for minor to fatal injuries resulting from dog attacks. Dogs have different personalities and while some would be crowned as most congenial pets others noted to have aggressive personalities are trained for protection work. However, there must be a reason why dogs are acclaimed as man’s best friends. For ages, dogs are seen beside man – being a loyal and affectionate pet as well a dependable helper and protector. Dogs have the wolves for ancestors and in spite of being tamed, the aggressive nature and the high prey drive will kick in from time to time. Even well a mannered dog will attack if the inherent ferocious nature is triggered by a person or by a situation in the environment.

Dogs are physically capable of toppling people down. The jaws and the needle sharp teeth that can deliver hundreds of pounds of pressure can cause fatal injuries. Dogs are the most popular choice for a pet as these animals form a strong bond with their owners. However, because of the increasing number of dog attack incidents some people can’t help but be wary whenever a dog is seen.

Why do dogs show aggression? Studies on dog attacks showed that in many instances, the dog’s aggression is spurred by human behavior . For all the care people gave the their pet dogs, a lot of dog bite incidents are caused by the victim’s own pet. It is not uncommon for dog to manifest dominance over what is considered as pack members because these animals are pack oriented. A doting pet owner may allow the dog to be pushy. Pet owners are advised against allowing a pet to be pushy as this behavior can turn into aggressiveness that will make the dog attack at the slightest provocation.

Dogs are territorial animals. A dog that perceives a threat to its litter, to its food and territory will attack. Children (and adults) are cautioned not to approach an eating dog as even the simple act of removing the dog bowl to add more food will prompt the dog to attack. The human family is considered by the dog as a member of the pack. Because the pet is protective of its territory, the squeals of the playing master will cause the dog to attack the playmates.

Not all people love dogs. Abused dogs may feel the need to attack when exposed to fearful situations. Sweet, loving and affectionate are the common descriptions given to dogs but abused dogs adopted from shelters would still have the tendency to attack due to a fearful or an aggressive temperament.

Harboring An Aggressive Dog, Struggling To Have To Put To Sleep?

This past Saturday we had to bring in our eldest dog for a recheck after her surgery and we somehow got around to babbling on with the vet, eventually we got to talking about our four year old red heeler mix dog and his aggression. He was always aggressive – in the litter he was a bully to the other puppies, as a pup he would bark and snap and go completely mad, . . . I foolishly thought nothing of it until about two years ago when it became too much. Several times he came within inches of nailing someone, when he was just 5 months he bit my sister’s friend’s finger, it’s just a constant thing and I can hardly manage bringing him in to get health care if he is sick. I don’t have the energy for it any longer. His dad was also mildly aggressive to dogs and people. As my vet put it, “you’re dog is one of the few that is born with a ‘screw loose’.” And she’s right. It’s even more difficult because he is so loving, and wonderful within the family and the people in our home but with outsiders it’s a whole different ballgame. I’ve consulted with a few trainers, and breed rescue groups they said my best bet is to humanely euthanize — and my vet agrees.
It’s hard on me because I fought so hard to keep him (I was a young teen when he was born and we kept him) and since then he’s been my life. But I simply don’t have the energy to care for a dog with aggression and I question his quality of life because of it. I’m finding myself trying to distance myself from him and I know that breaks his heart because we are so close and it hurts.
I wish for so much a place that would take him in and rehabilitate him rather than what I feel like is murdering him.
I don’t know how to cope with this, has anyone been in this situation before? How do muster the courage to go through with putting your dog to sleep?
And as an alternative, would anyone know of a place that might consider taking him?