Adopted A Dog That Hasn’t Been To Vet In Years, No Symptoms Of Illness Should I Worry?

I have a friend that took a chihuahua in from a person that couldn’t keep the dog and hasn’t taken it to the vet in years. My friend cant keep the dog and I decided to take the dog for myself. My main concern is that if he hasn’t been in years and is showing no symptoms of illness should I be worried that he’s sick? The dog appears to be healthy, he’s very excited to see me and people and loves giving me kisses and climbing all over me all the time. I just need good honest answers nothing mean or sarcastic please! thanx

How To Take Care Of A Puppy Chihuahua?

I’ve never had a dog before but expected to get a newborn chihuahua
soon. I need help on what to buy before coming home and how to take care of them. Thanks!

How Can I Make All These Thing For My Dogs Needs (chihuahua )?

i have 2 chihuahua dogs
i feel sometimes guilty because i can’t buy them all what they need to survive and to just get to make them happy
what are some stuff i can do like
make clothes for them to feel warm
bath soap
and more….etc
and what are some good food recipes i can make for my dogs
and if my dogs ever get sick what are some natural remades to cure them
oh and what are some ways to train or protect them from peeing in the house (diapers but how do i make them and teach them)
i already have a doggy cage thats really big and oh in the spring we are gonna make them a mini house in the backyard
for them
i know it seems like were rich but were not we are just getting leftover wood and extra roofing pads from before so give me some crafts that i can do for my dogs to take care of their needs
well please and thank you
i really need these things because i love them very much