anorexia in dogs

Why Is My Dog Not Eating?

Anorexia is a rather common condition in dogs and although it can be something benign, it may also be prompted by something serious. Like any other concern, if your dog is acting differently, it must be investigated to further see what is causing it. Do not neglect anorexia in your pet dogs because it can cause problems with malnutrition and dehydration.

03/07/2011 Scranton, PA – Philip Lenard owns a pet dog and he shares some of his experiences when his pet dog stopped eating. 03/07/2011 Scranton, PA – Philip Lenard is a family pet owner and he shares some of his experiences when the pet dog stopped eating. “It was not that Homer was a fussy eater to begin with with, he would eat everything, so you could envision my concern when he stopped eating,” said Lenard. “I took him to the dog vet and it turned out that he had something to do with his teeth, that was fixed easy enough.” Lenard was also present when the site – was launched.

One owner for the forums on weimaraner training brought  up the difficulty of canine anorexia. There without a doubt are a number of reasons why a family pet would get anorexia. The first thing you have to do is to find out if the anorexia occurs with other symptoms. For example, does the anorexia in your dog come with other signs.

If the anorexia is the only symptom that your family pet is showing, it could be that it is just being finicky about its food. If that is the case, don’t panic and give your pet dog no less than two days before you take it to the vet. If it doesn’t eat till at the end of two days and there are no likely explanations for the anorexia then you must take it to the dog vet.

Changes in the family pet’s diet is one of the causes of anorexia. If you changed your dog’s diet then it could result in some problem till the pet weimaraner gets used to the new food. A heat cycle in pet dogs may also be one of the reasons why your pet dog stops eating. This kind of anorexia is likely to go away on its own as the heat cycle wanes.

An owner needs to be concerned when the anorexia is coupled with problems like weakness, lethargy, coughing, and fevers, then dogs must taken to the vet. If the problem is related to bloat then it must be taken to the dog vet immediately. Pet owners should also be concerned when their pet weimaraner starts coughing up blood. You should also take your pet dog to the dog vet ASAP if it is showing signs of breathing problems.

In the weimaraner training forums, there was one commenter who said that dogs can have anorexia when they have problems with their stomach. For example, if a family pet has gastric ulcers, there is a chance that it will stop eating when it is in pain. A pet weimaraner could also cease eating because of any blockages in the GI tract.