Raw Dog Food Diet

In an effort to feed their dogs the healthiest diet available, many pet owners are adopting a uncooked pet food diet for their pets. This type of diet is relatively new and is based on feeding your dog the very foods that they would find if they were still in the wild and hunting for their own food. A raw dog food diet provides them all of the nutrition and vitamins they need without all of the preservatives and chemicals found in store bought dog food.

The idea behind a uncooked dog food diet is that because a pet has a specialized digestive system that can process uncooked foods, they are actually better for the dog than more heavily processed foods. Cooking the foods before giving them to your dog is actually robbing the foods of some of their nutrients and isn’t helping the dog. Many people are under the misimpression that uncooked food is dangerous for their dogs because people can’t eat uncooked food for fear of getting sick. This is a false assumption since dogs are actually better off with food that is uncooked and are happy consuming it as well.

Another advantage to a raw dog food diet is that unlike processed or cooked food, uncooked food contains active enzymes that a dog needs to help them digest their food. When food is cooked at high temperatures before being given to the dog, these enzymes are removed from the food and never make it into the dog’s digestive track. As a result the pet must work harder to break down these store bought foods and to absorb the nutrients they need for good health.

One of the more popular uncooked food diets is called the “bone and raw food” or B.A.R.F. diet and has become very popular in recent years with many pet owners. This raw pet food diet includes a good selection of ingredients from all of the necessary food groups and provides a very balanced meal for your pet. What makes this diet attractive is that it also includes bone where many of the other diets omit this.

It may seem strange to put bone into a dog’s food but this is something that they can process and extract nutrients from for good health. A dog’s stomach is geared to processing both raw food and bone and actually has strong enough stomach acids to break down this bone just like other foods.

Some of these raw food diets can be made at home and others are offered as complete meals that are frozen when sold. If you choose to make a raw dog food diet meal for your pet you can buy all of the ingredients you’ll need in bulk and then prepare a series of meals that can be frozen and used later as needed.If you buy them frozen you can let them thaw to room temperature before serving them to your dog.

Even though serving your pet a raw dog food diet is a little more work than scooping dinner out of a bag, it is well worth it. You can help your dog avoid eating all of the toxins and additives found in other commercially produced dog food. This will give them better health in the short term and help them live a longer and happier life as well.

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