How to Cure Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs – prevention is possible

It’s sad when a much loved dog gets older and starts developing arthritis in the joints. Arthritis in dogs will show in different ways. For instance a once active dog will become slower in his movements and will naturally become less active which causes muscle atrophy. As the muscles weaken they provide less support to the joints.  This of course makes the whole problem worse.

There are two main types of arthritis in dogs, canine rheumatoid arthritis is similar to the human rheumatoid arthritis and is thought to be caused by a weak immune system. Fortunately this is not too common in dogs and can be prevented or eased by building the immune system. Your dog’s immune system can be kept in peak condition by providing raw and unprocessed food with plenty of clean water. Make sure your dog is not exposed to toxins such as pesticides, weed killers or chemicals found in flea collars.arthritis in dogs

Canine osteoarthritis is the more common type of canine arthritis and is caused by wear and tear on cartilage as a dog ages, or by a disease such as hip dysplasia, which is a malformation of the hip koint

A common place for arthritis in dogs is the back legs which become stiff and painful, sometimes they may seize up completely leaving your dog immobile. Of course you can’t let him suffer, but what can you do?

Of course there are chemical medications for arthritis. Dogs have very similar symptoms to humans and the medications are similar too. For example vets will prescribe NSAIDS to relieve pain. However this needs to be taken on a regular basis and does nothing to cure or reverse the arthritis itself.

NSAIDS can also cause side effects and even death. So what are some other things we can do to relieve arthritis in dogs and even prevent it in the first place?

Preventing arthritis in dogs

Don’t allow your dog to become too big! Some dogs just love their food and most will eat anything you give them. An overweight dog puts more strain on muscles and joints, eventually causing wear and tear on those joints. Make sure he is getting a good diet with plenty of protein and calcium for strong muscles and bones. Avoid giving your dog table scraps. He may think it’s a treat, but most human food is not recommended for dogs.

Exercise is vital. Not only does this strengthen muscles and ligaments but it also helps with bone density. Walking your dog will also help to keep his weight normal.

Natural treatment for arthritis in dogs

If you’re looking for a holistic treatment for dog arthritis, you can’t go past Muscle and Joint Support. This natural product builds cartilage for healthy joints, protects the immune system and helps keep muscles and tendons working well. All this with no risk of side effects. Your dog will soon be his old self again.

” I recommend your product to everyone that has a dog or cat… Within three weeks she was running around, jumping up and acting like a young puppy…”
—Steve S., TX, USA

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