How Can I Get Rid of Dog Constipation Naturally?

Dog constipation – natural remedies

There would be few people who have not experienced a bout of constipation in their lives and most of us can remember how unpleasant it is. That bloated and unhealthy feeling, pains in the intestinal area… The same applies to dogs; too little exercise and an unhealthy diet can lead to bouts of dog constipation.

What can we feed a constipated dog?

If you’ve been giving your dog table scraps, he may have been eating a lot of processed food such as white flour, white rice or sugar. These contain hardly any fibre and can cause inflammation, both in the colon and in other parts of the body. Contrary to popular belief simple carbohydrates can be more damaging to health than small amounts of saturated fat. This applies to both human and dog health.

If your dog develops an inflamed colon, the walls may become weak allowing toxins and bacteria to seep into the body. Feed your dog a good quality dog food containing sufficient protein and fibre. If he loses his appetite, try adding some bran to his food. Always make sure your dog has plenty of clean water.

Make sure your dog has enough exercise each day. If you have a large yard where he can run around, this well may be enough. If you have your dog inside, or if he won’t exercise himself, he needs to be walked, preferably each day, to keep his digestion in top shape.

Natural remedies for dog constipation

If despite your best efforts, your dog becomes constipated, try adding a few more vegetables and raw meat to his diet. You could also add psyllium husks instead of bran as some dogs tolerate this better. A couple of teaspoons of olive oil (not mineral oil) could be added to his food every other day may help too.

Don’t give your dog constipation medicine made for humans. Their digestive system is different to ours and it may cause damage. Try a herbal medication designed especially for dogs which cures and even prevents constipation in the first place. Natural Moves encourages a healthy bowels in dogs as well as maintaining good cholesterol levels and promoting both thyroid and bone health.

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Dog constipation can be easily prevented with the right diet and the right blend of herbs.

dog constipation

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