Heart Disease in Dogs

Natural treatment for heart disease in dogs

Heart disease in dogs or Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) causes faulty circulation and can put an enormous pressure on the heart muscle. The end result could be a build up of fluid in the lungs and muscle fatigue caused by insufficient blood flow to the muscles and shortness of breath. This also can have an effect on other organs in the body since they don’t receive sufficient nutrients and oxygen via the bloodstream.

A healthy heart means a healthy dog who is full of vitality and who has more resistance to disease. Good heart health also means your dog can expect a long life.

Early signs that all may not be well with your dog’s heart are a lack of energy, getting tired easily, and sometimes coughing in the evenings. If your dog is losing weight or has lost interest in his food, that may also indicate a heart problem.

So how can we prevent heart disease in dogs?

Diet is one way we can prevent heart disease in dogs. Make sure your dog eats a healthy diet that’s low in salt. Also consider adding Omega 3 fish oil to his diet.

Clean your dog’s teeth or at least ensure he has dental sticks that help keep the teeth clean. This will prevent periodontal disease which is a potential cause of heart disease in dogs. This is due to bacteria from an unclean mouth travelling through the bloodstream and affecting the heart and other organs.

Although exercise is beneficial for your dog, make sure he doesn’t over exert himself. Walking is fine but make sure he gets the chance to stop and rest if he seems tired or is breathing heavily. Also avoid exercising him in very hot or humid weather.

So what else can we do to prevent heart disease in dogs? Yes there are prescription medications we can give them such as Aminophylline and theophylline. However these do have side effects.heart disease in dogs

Wild animals instinctively know what herbs to eat to keep themselves healthy in the wild. Our dogs rely on us to give the safe and effective herbal treatments when they become sick. To prevent and treat Congestive Heart Failure, Heart and Circulation Tonic can be given on it’s own or together with prescription medicine if necessary.

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Using safe and natural remedies, a good diet, sesible dental care and exercise go a long way to preventing heart disease in dogs.

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