Finding a Pet sitter using technology

In the past, individuals would call a relative or a buddy to look after their dogs while they were away from home for any cause. However, due to digitalisation, we can now arrange pet care from our sofa using our smartphone or computer, making it much simpler to locate a competent professional who cares for our pets properly.

When you think about having your dog sit, you probably conjure up all sorts of images; walking, grooming, training, or simply safe overnight care. Mad Paws is a website that provides all of the services I’ve mentioned. All you have to do now is search for a sitter and make a booking. If you are looking for a solution to fulfill all of your pet’s needs, regardless of their activity level, this platform could be ideal for you. For example, people who cannot spend all of their free time with their dogs due to other responsibilities such as work or school might hire a sitter just for walking their pet occasionally.

Another alternative is Pawshake, which claims to accept just 15% of its pet sitter application and focuses on the most professional applicants while maintaining high safety standards. The same range of services is available through this website as through this Mad Paws. But there are some differences; Mad Paws operates in the Australian Market, whereas Pawshake has been introduced in more than 16 additional markets. Furthermore, on Pawshake’s website, we will not only discover pet care services; we will also be able to read about tips for caring for your pet.

All of these initiatives use cloud and online web hosting, which is connected to Mobile-based App platforms via OnPlatinum, and utilize hosting firms like OnPlatinum to distribute their message throughout Australia. Any new competitor entering the market must have comparable hosting and backbone to push their software out to potential dog sitters.

There are several pet care platforms in Australia, but these two are the most popular. They operate similarly: the client enters his address and chooses a sitter in his immediate vicinity.

In Mad Paws, you can either choose pet hosting, which means your pet will be cared for at a sitter’s home, or pet sitting, which means that your pet will be looked after while you are gone. After that, you must select the day range and type of animal you have before being presented with a list of sitters available.

Pawshake, on the other hand, will require you to provide your address and the type of service you want, with a sitter list immediately following. In both cases, the prices are almost identical, and you can directly get in touch with your potential sitter.

In both instances, if a pet is not allowed to be around other pets or children, it will ensure that all available services do not include pets who might pose a danger to them.

If you are looking for a way to have your dog cared for when you can’t be around, using either of these two services will provide an answer.