Dogs and bad breath

Dogs and bad breath – Should we worry about it?

Is your dog not nice to be around? Feel like slipping him a mint? Bad breath in dogs is not the same as doggy breath which just about every dog has and is usually caused by something gross that they’ve just eaten!

Dogs and bad breath can mean dental disease

The most common reason for bad breath or halitosis in dogs is some form of dental disease. Teeth can have a build up of tartar which, if not removed, can turn into calculus. This in turn can lead to periodontal disease which can be quite serious if not picked up straight away.

Periodontal disease in dogs causes the gums to recede and become infected. The teeth may become loose or even fall out if the disease is not treated. In addition to tooth damage, your dog’s general health can also be affected as bacteria find their way into the bloodstream and lodge in the organs.dogs and bad breath

Check inside your dog’s mouth and examine his teeth. Are they white and shiny or coated with plaque? Are the gums a nice pink color or do they look red and inflamed? If it’s the latter then your dog may be candidate for, or already have, peridontal disease.

If your dog’s teeth and mouth seem normal and healthy then his bad breath may be caused by a digestive disorder. Make sure his diet is good and that he’s not eating too much.

Bad breath in dogs can be prevented by giving him hard food to chew. If your dog has a regular diet of canned food, this is even more important. Raw bones are good and dogs love them. You can also buy specially made treats that are designed to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

A good way to make sure that your dog’s teeth are clean is to brush them with a soft toothbrush. Special brushes for dogs are available but a soft toothbrush will do the job. Do this once a week if your dog will let you! Whatever you do don’t use toothpaste as your dog is unable to spit it out and will be forced to swallow it.

Gums-n-Teeth by Native Remedies is an effective remedy for dental problems in pets and is recommended by holistic vets. Use it to prevent dental problems in dogs or to help cure existing gum disease.

“Over the years I have had many pets, and dental care is one thing I must admit I never really took much notice of. This all changed when I took my Poodle to the vet in our new hometown. This vet pointed out to me the accumulation of plaque that was already on Emma’s relatively young teeth. Since then, I’ve embarked on a regular brushing program, which Emma got used to very quickly, and also ordered your Gumz-n-Teeth remedy as suggested by the vet. After just a few weeks, I must say that I am thrilled with the results. Apart from the benefits I know Emma is getting from this program, I never realized how fresh a dog’s breath can smell!”

For s quick solution to your dog’s bad breath, spray his mouth with Oral health mouth spray Your dog will smell sweet for hours!

If periodontal disease has already started then a trip to the vet is necessary. This will not be cheap so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your dog’s teeth and prevent any potential problems from happening in the first place.