Dog Seizures – Don’t Panic!

Dog seizures can be scary for their owners

Dog seizures can come as a shock to many dog owners who otherwise take extremely good care of their pets. A pet owner can have literally dozens of pets over as many years and never be required to deal with dog seizures. However, once it happens, it can be quite scary if you don’t know what is going to happen and the steps you should take. First of all, don’t panic! Dog seizures rarely last more than a few minutes.

Dog seizures can affect your dogs body by causing a limited state of consciousness, uncontrollable shaking, loss of muscle control resulting in instant urination, defecation or salivating at the mouth. You dog may also start to exhibit other unusual behavior that catches your attention, such as gnawing himself, barking for no reason, possibly hallucinating, convulsions or jerking, or a lack of expected response to your voice.

While dog seizure symptoms can cause anxiety for both you and your dog, it is important to remain as calm as possible in order to convey reassurance and security to your dog. Contrary to popular belief, dog seizures will not cause your dog to swallow his tongue. You simply want to speak softly but strongly while using reassuring words and soothing tones to help him through the dog seizures.

Once the seizures have finished, your dog may be confused or upset. Again, you need to reassure your pet that all is well and that you are going to take care of him. This is a time when pampering your pet is actually encouraged.

Is there medication for dog seizures?

Once dog seizure symptoms have been confirmed, your vet will probably prescribe medicine to prevent them. Epilepsy as a diagnosis simply means that your dog has a brain disorder but it does not always give us the reason for the dog seizures. There are now veterinarian neurologists who specialize in treating dog seizure symptoms. The veterinarians will look for an indication of a stroke or a brain tumor, before making a diagnosis of epilepsy, which is one of the most common neurological diseases for dogs.

How to prevent dog seizures

As with humans, there are some things to avoid that can help prevent dog seizures. For instance, repetitive blinking lights such as those from a teens strobe light should be avoided. As for television, many vets claim that a dog does not see what we see, but pet owners tend to disagree, so monitoring what the dog is able to see on television certainly will not hurt and could possibly help prevent dog seizures. Other things that might trigger seizures are certain sounds or noises, and toxins or chemicals that they can come in contact with or ingest.

In worst case scenarios, some dogs will require anti-seizure medication. This can be detrimental to a dog’s liver so careful monitoring is necessary. A natural option called EaseSure can help to prevent and treat dog seizures and stabilize the nervous system while maintaining normal electrical balance in the brain. It is also completely safe and easy to administer.

Dog seizures can appear very scary, but they can be treated so don’t be alarmed.

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