Dog Food For the Soul (video)

Why bother with home made dog food? Many commercial dog foods lack nutrition and are composed of waste materials, chemicals and fillers. Of course you can get a premium dog food that is good quality and has the necessary ingredients for good dog nutrition, however these quality foods are expensive. At the same time, if you feed your dog the same diet day after day, it becomes monotonous, however good it is.

Home made dog food is time consuming to make but the advantages are, you save money and you know exactly what your dog is consuming (at least most of the time!) So if you have the time to prepare food for your dog, you’ll be taking good care of his health. Buying cheap dog food is a false economy as you’ll be paying out a lot more in vet bills as your dog gets older.

Actually there’s not a great deal of actual cooking involved as a lot of ingredients can be eaten raw. Dogs, like people, have their own food likes and dislikes, so don’t worry too much if your dog won’t eat everything you prepare. If you have any concerns switching your dog over to a home made diet, talk to your vet first.

So look after your dog’s diet and you’ll be rewarded with a faithful friend for life. The video below gives some excellent tips

Unbelievable! How to make your own home made dog food. No dangerous chemicals
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