Dog Coughing? There’s Usually a Simple Explanation

Dog coughing is fairly common

Dog coughing is a common thing among dogs of different breeds and ages. Coughing in dogs, or in humans, is a reflex action that clears any obstruction from the airways to stop it from being drawn down into the lungs. It can be caused by something the dog has swallowed. However sometimes coughing is caused by allergies or kennel cough, or something more sinister such as pneumonia, bronchitis or heart-worm.

Dog coughing usually last for a few days then clears up on it’s own. However if it continues for more than a week, or it starts to get worse, then take your dog to the vet. Describe to the vet how your dog’s cough sounds. This will help them to determine what the cough may be caused by. Depending on the way your dog coughs it can be narrowed down to a specific condition. A dry cough could mean that your dog may have kennel cough that comes from bacteria or a virus. This can easily be transferred between other dogs so it is good to have it checked out as soon as possible. A moist cough may mean that there is an irritation with the dog’s throat or lungs. The vet will know what to do for these conditions.

If your dog starts coughing, allow him to rest and try to keep him quiet. Exercise will lead to rapid breathing a exacerbate the coughing reflex. Make sure your dog has a clean, dry and well ventilated area in which to rest. Your dog may also be experiencing throat problems so switch to a softer canned food for a few day if his normal diet is dried food.

If your dog has a dry raspy cough, you can help him by providing a moist environment. Take your dog into the bathroom with you while you shower. The steam generated by the hot water will ease a dry cough. Don’t use this method for a most cough.

Most times when your dog has a cough it is nothing to be concerned about but if the cough is constant and does not let up you will need to take your dog to the vet for further medical attention. Some of the treatments for dogs with persistent coughs may be medications, cough suppressants, and antibiotics. These treatments and others may be given to your dog depending on the cause of the dog coughing.

Never give a dog human medication, even something as harmless sounding as cough suppressants, these are not meant for dogs and can suppress a cough when the animal is trying to clear phlegm from his lungs. Leave the medication side of things to an experienced vet.

Dog coughing can be a scary thing for any pet owner if you are not sure why your dog is coughing. If you have a pet that has an excessive or strange sounding cough, or the cough continues for more than a week or is getting worse, the best thing to do is to take them to the vet for the proper treatment.