Dog Bloat Can be Caused By a Weak Digestive System

Dog bloat is a condition caused by a weak digestive system. It is a painful condition and can cause death quite rapidly in certain cases. Here are some causes and symptoms to be aware of and also ways to treat, or better still, prevent bloat in the first place.

Dog bloat causes

The main causes of bloat are connected to a dog’s eating habits. Eating or drinking too fast means your dog will swallow too much air causing compression in the stomach. Exercising straight after eating is another cause. Try to keep your dog quiet for a while after feeding to allow his system to fully digest his meal.

If your dog’s diet contains a lot of fat or is high in sugar this can lead to your dog being more susceptible to digestive diseases such as bloat. Stick to a high quality dog food with plenty of protein and fiber and avoid feeding your dog table scraps. A dog’s digestive system is different to ours.

dog bloat

Certain breeds are also more prone to developing bloat, especially those with a deep and narrow chest shape. Male dogs are more likely to develop bloat especially older males. Heredity can also play a part so it is good to know if your dog’s parents health history so you can be alert to any unusual developments.

Stress is also a major cause of bloat so avoid this as much as possible

Dog bloat symptoms

There are many symptoms which point to bloat, your dog may display some or all of them. He may appear restless, show signs of discomfort and make frequent attempts to vomit. If your dog’s abdomen feels very tight or he has a rapid heartbeat and is breathing faster than usual, there is probably cause for concern. Excessive drinking and drooling are other signs.

Having one or more symptoms does not necessarily mean that your dog has bloat, but they are all indications that something is wrong. So contact your vet without delay.

Dog Bloat Prevention

Of course prevention is much better than trying to cure the disease after it has happened, especially if you own one of the breeds prone to developing bloat. The best prevention is to feed your dog a diet of whole processed foods with plenty of fiber (e.g. vegetables). Prevent your dog from eating too rapidly by feeding smaller meals more often and by restricting water straight after feeding.

If possible keep your dog still after meals to allow his digestive system time to do it’s work. You may have to restrain him for a while if he’s very active!

Be aware of stress in your dog, this is a prime cause of digestive problems including bloat. A good herbal digestive tonic such as Pet Alive Digestive Support can help your dog’s digestive system as well as being an excellent dog bloat treatment. Pet Alive Digestive Support helps your dog absorb maximum nutrition while promoting healthy digestive function and boosting energy levels.

Most importantly consult your dog’s vet if you suspect any health problems, whether concerning dog bloat or otherwise.

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