Dog Bloat Prevention – How to Prevent Bloat in Dogs

Dog bloat prevention Рessential for certain breeds

When it comes to dog bloat, prevention is definitely better than cure. Dog bloat is a particularly nasty and painful disease where the dog’s stomach becomes distended with air. Although this may not sound particularly threatening, bloat can kill, so preventing it is paramount.

Dog bloat prevention is usually targeted at large, deep chested breed of dogs. There is no scientifically known cause of bloat but these types of dogs seem to be pre-disposed to it. German Shepherds and Great Danes are a couple of examples of those breeds more at risk of bloat. Awareness of the condition is important since bloat can kill a dog very quickly. This is because the bloated stomach can put a lot of pressure on the abdominal veins, cutting off blood supply to the heart and thus the major organs.

Advice on dog bloat prevention usually consists of not feeding your dog just after vigorous exercise. This is still good advice, however other factors may come into play. It has been observed that digestion may play a large part in a dog’s risk of developing bloat. A dog’s diet should incorporate a quality protein, such as raw meat and plenty of fiber, preferably from vegetables rather than grains. A pro-biotic supplement can also help digestion. This may lessen the risk of your dog developing bloat, while enhancing his general health too.

Dogs can survive an attack of bloat if it is diagnosed and treated early enough, however it’s much better to employ dog bloat prevention if you have a breed of dog that is at risk.