Dog Allergy Treatments – What Works?

What Are Some Dog Allergy Treatments That Actually Work?

Most of our visits to the vet are due to frustrated owners seeking dog allergy treatments. Common allergy symptoms in dogs include wheezing and coughing, vomiting, runny eyes, tiredness and itchy skin.

A scratching dog is very common, however if your dog is scratching all the time and his coat is becoming patchy, you need to find the cause. The main cause of itchy skin in dogs is fleas. However when fleas are not the cause, owners are sometimes left scratching their own heads!

If your dog has not responded to standard dog allergy medication and treating the itch doesn’t seem to last, you’re probably dealing with an allergy. Most allergies are caused by a weak immune system and typical dog allergy treatments will ease the symptoms but not tackle the cause.

Dog allergies are best prevented in the first place. Don’t give your dog too many baths. This can destroy the natural protective barrier on the skin. Allergens such as grass or chemical pollution then can enter the pores and irritate the nerve endings. Make sure your dog has a healthy diet without too many additives or fillers.

Also ensure your dog has enough exercise and don’t use products designed for us humans on your dog. He may smell nice but this will leave him exposed to chemical allergies of all kinds.

Natural dog allergy treatments

Aloe vera rubbed on your dogs coat will temporarily ease itching as will adding oatmeal to his bath water.

One of the safest and most natural dog allergy treatments for allergic, itchy skin in dogs can be found in Native Remedies Allergy Itch . Allergy Itch eases the itch caused by eczema, irritated red patches and soreness caused by excess scratching, Allergy Itch maintains the skin and contains only safe effective homeopathic ingredients, unlike chemical dog allergy medication.

“My daughter told me about this site. I did not believe her until I looked for myself. We bought Allergy Itch Ease and tried it straight away because our three dogs are always itchy (with no fleas). It worked! They are now so happy and we love this product.”

—Lori and Heather

As always consult your vet if the problem persists. Constant itching can cause personality changes and aggression over the long term, not to mention great discomfort for your dog. Dog allergy treatments are a necessity, not a luxury.

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