Aggressive Dog? How to Handle Dog Aggression

What can I do about my aggressive dog?

An aggressive dog is a liability and can also get you into lots of trouble if it bites or mauls another person or animal. Besides that an aggressive dog is not a happy dog, so how can we control our dog’s behavior while still allowing him to be, well… a dog?

Behavior that may seem cute in a small puppy becomes less acceptable as your dog becomes fully grown. The best time to train a dog is obviously when he’s still a puppy and not too set in his ways. However an adult dog certainly can be trained and if you’re having a problem with aggressive dog behavior, this needs to be done as soon as possible.

What makes a dog aggressive? If your dog has suddenly become aggressive, there may be an underlying health problem, so take him to the vet. If he’s always been on the aggressive side and you want a more docile dog, then training is probably your best option. There are good books on the market or you can take your dog to adult training classes for a fee. If nothing seems to be working you could take him to a dog behaviorist who specializes in dog behavior modification.

Ways to handle an aggressive dog

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. There is nothing like a brisk walk to soothe a cranky dog! If your dog is aggressive towards other people or dogs, make sure he is on a lead and muzzle him if necessary.

Consider your dogs diet. A bad diet can be the cause for aggression in dogs. Make sure he is eating sufficient raw food as well. Some experts consider that a diet high in protein can cause aggression, so if your dog eats a lot of meat, try cutting this down and see what happens.

If none of the above seems to work, you may have to have your dog de-sexed which will instantly curb aggressive behavior in males.

There is a herbal remedy called “Aggression Formula” that is known to have a soothing effect on dog behavior. Aggression Formula can be used daily or just for specific episodes when needed. This herbal formula works to relax your aggressive dog without curbing his natural happy and bouncy behavior. Don’t allow aggressive dog behavior to spoil your time together.

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