A How To On Building a Workable Dog Fence

Dogs like to be free to run loose in the backyard. In fact, it’s good exercise for them. However, it’s important to keep them properly contained so they remain healthy and safe. If your dog escapes, they run the risk of getting lost or worse, they could get hit by a car. A mesh wire fence is a fairly inexpensive way to go and installation is easy when compared to other dog fences like chain link or wood. Here are a few steps to show you how to install a wire mesh fence for containing your dog.

1. The first thing you should do is call the utility company so they can mark any utility lines before you begin digging. If you accidently strike a line you can disrupt your service and that can be a real hassle, plus you could cause serious injury to yourself.

2. Next, decide where the corners and both sides of the gate will be. Use wooden stakes as markers.

3. Now, right where one of the stakes is where you’ll begin. Dig your hole about 2ft down. Drop your post into the hole, pack the dirt around it for stability. Do this around every stake.

4. Take a string and run it between each post. Leave a gap between your gate posts. Now, tie the string to each post a few inches from the ground. This string gives you a marker so your fence will be straight.

5. Next, every 5ft, place a stake along the length of the string line. Here, you’ll run metal T-posts.

6. The next step is to insert a metal T-post into the ground at every point where there’s a stake. Use a hammer and drive it into the ground until the whole flange is under ground. You’ll want the hooks that hold the wire mesh to face inward.

7. The wire mesh needs to be secured to one of the gate posts with fence staples, probably about once every foot both top and bottom. Use your hammer on the fence staples to hammer them into the posts over the wire. The staple needs to be against the grain of the wood.

8. Next, roll the mesh wire out along your desired length of the fence on the inside part of the T-posts and outside corners posts.

9. Pull it tight and attach it to every post, use staple to secure.

10. Continue until you’ve reached the opposite gate post you began with and cut off the excess mesh with wire cutters. Then install the gate between your posts.

You’ve built the perfect dog fence for any dog to enjoy the great outdoors. It didn’t cost much and didn’t take a lot of time. Admit it; it was worth the work for man’s best friend!