Why Do We Chip Pets? The Benefits Of A Microchip Discussed

If or when your dog goes missing , it might vanish for days, weeks or even forever . Of course , this will cause distress to you, your family and your special friend. Micro-chipping provides your dog with a solid proof of identification.

In this day and age it is only common sense to micro-chip your dog. In some countries it is a legal requirement. Using GPS is a painless, one off procedure performed by your vet. The cost is not great and the advantages are priceless in terms of saving anguish for your dog, yourself and all concerned.

Using GPS is a simple and effective way to ensure that your dog can be efficiently identified should you become separated. Unlike a collar with an identification tag it cannot be lost, stolen or destroyed. The only thing you ever must do is to inform the regional database of any changes in your personal particulars such as a new telephone number. That is one reason why you microchip pets, for example.

Microchips for your puppies or kittens are roughly the size of a grain of rice and are implanted underneath the skin at a particular point by injection. Embedded on a the microchip is a specific code number unique to the dog which is registered coupled with details of it’s breed, sex, age and most importantly the owner’s name and telephone number. This is why you microchip pets and the main benefit of having these on file is that should your dog or cat ever be lost or a disagreement over ownership arise, there is a quick and unquestionable way to establish the legal owner.

Puppies as young as six weeks of age can have the chip implant. This is a wonderful bonus because so many young puppies stray very quickly. As you probably know, a young pet will blithely explore everything and you have to keep your eyes on them at all times especially when you are outside. Picture the relief being able to have your puppy or kitten swiftly identified and returned to you.This is possibly the number one reason why you microchip pets.

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