Why Did My 7 Year Old Healthy Dog Die From Pancreatitis?

She was incredibly healthy and showed almost no signs of illness. One day she didn’t eat and was lathargic so we took her to the vet. Two days later she died. The vet took a blood test, x-ray, gave her antibiotics, and she still died. I’m at a loss. What could have caused this? She didn’t have a fatty diet. Did the vet do all that he could do? Could she have had cancer and we didn’t know it? Please help.

I’m sorry for your loss. My dog once got pancreatitis, we didn’t realize it until her fever kicked in and she became more and more lethargic. My dog got sick because she consumed 3 dozen cookies. My dog had to spend 2 days at the hospital. I’m sure the veterinarian did all he could. Your dog could have consumed something, or depending on the breed, have had it for a while. I hope I could help with some closure.
Arianna D

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  • Vicki J says:

    This question is very close to my heart, and I can so relate to what you are going through. Thursday morning my fifteen-year-old Cocker Spaniel was fine. When my husband got home thursday night, he was lethargic, and obviously not himself. Friday morning my husband took him to the vet. His blood work came back fine. But they did an x-ray that showed a large pancreatic tumor. The tumor was growing into his liver and other organs. There was nothing they could do except put him to sleep. It happened very fast. He showed no signs of being sick until Thursday night. We have been devastated over this. diseases of the pancreas are very hard to diagnose, and happen very quickly. She very well could have had this for a while and you not know it. Antibiotics would not have helped at all. Even if your vet had diagnosed it, there would have probably not been anything he could have done except euthanize her. I am so sorry for your loss. Believe me, I know how you feel. God Bless
    Lifelong dog owner and breeder
    Horse owner and breeder

  • Great Dane Lover says:

    Pancreatitis is a very serious illness. It can come on gradually or suddenly. It is most often caused by excess fat, for some dogs even a small piece of left over ham or chinese food, etc can cause the problem. Poor diet can cause the problem. Tumors in the pancreas can cause the problem (tumors don’t always show), sometimes the cause is unknown. Unfortunately sometimes despite the best of treatment the pet doesn’t make it.
    I’m very sorry for your loss.
    ****my son’s Lab died from pancreatitis..it was found she had cancer in her liver & spleen, she started bleeding out…it is a hard thing to deal with.******

  • Proud says:

    Dogs, just like people, can get sick and die for no single particular reason. I doubt it was the fault of anyone. It was just simply his time to go. He could have gotten an infection from somewhere, it could have been a genetic thing, it could have been the result of lots of different things combined….. who knows?

  • Ripp A says:

    Who knows what could have caused your dog’s death. I always use a specialist. I’m surprised that your vet didn’t refer you to one. Why didn’t you have a necropsy done? Your vet should have referred you to a canine oncologist, or should have asked for a referral.

  • SHEIL567 says:

    sorry about your dog loss, only a post Morten will reveal why your dog died and i imagine that will be expensive. would you even want to put your dog through that. just grieve for your dog and remember the good times you had with him

  • Ollie says:

    Hi,I am sorry on the loss of your beloved girl (dog).
    I found this link that explains about Pancreatitishttp://www.vetontheweb.co.uk/pet-clinic-…
    I hope it helps

  • AUSSIEMO says:

    CALL YOUR BREEDER! only if reputable….ask all you can about hereditary issues in their lines etc.
    did you have a necropsy done?

  • Troll Police Dogs says:

    Sometimes things just happen.

  • Harris Family says:

    We are so sorry you went through this.The very same thing just happened to us a few days ago.Our beloved English Bulldog “Miss Georgia” was seemingly just fine when suddenly she just stopped eating and become very lathargic.We took her to the vet and after x-rays,blood work,antibiotics and intrevienous fluids she still died.She lived indoors with us and was so much part of the family.Just as you we are just beside ourselves wondering what went wrong.Its just like weve lost one of our children.God Bless You!

  • Our Dog Elvis says:

    Our dog Elvis, beloved 9 1/2 yr Basset, died yesterday morning from pancreatitis. He had it 8 mos. ago, was hospitalized then by our wonderful vet certified in internal medicine, and pulled through after 4 days on IV therapy. This time he got into a bag of raw breakfast sausage Friday night, was fine the next day Saturday, but started vomiting, bloody diarrhea and lethargic on Sunday. Like the first time, I thought he could make it until the morning to get him to the vet vs. emergency clinic which charged us $1300. for 8 hrs. last time and made us take him out by 8am Monday morning because that is how they “operate”, only open during off hours so they can bang you for the big bucks. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, and I am ridden with guilt for the pain he must have gone through overnite. I sat with him until 1am, and then I fell asleep to awake at 4:45am to him shivering, body tensed up, and bleeding clots from his rear. I wrapped him in a blanket and we were picking him up to put him in the car and he took his last breaths. I’ll never forget it and I’ll never forgive myself for not taking him in sooner. He was a diabetic also and we’d spent $6000. on him in the past year. But if I had it to do over again I’d pay anything to have him here with me today and not have my guilt. Something really needs to be done about the exorbitant veterinarian bills ESPECIALLY at these emergency clinics that kick you while your down and then pour salt on the wound. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • James Brown says:

    i am Sorry for the loss but Poor diet can cause the problem. Pancreatitis is a very serious illness ,It can come on gradually or suddenly.