Why chocolates should not be given to dogs

People love dogs. Pet owners unaware of the dangerous effect of some people food to animals would share whatever they are eating with the pet. A pet owner would wonder why foods that give humans a lot of benefits would be harmful to dogs. Humans and dog have many genetic similarities but they are also different in a lot of ways. In spite of the similarities, dogs, unlike their human friends cannot tolerate chocolates. Dogs are given bits of chocolate because not many dog owners are aware of the toxic effects of this food on dogs. Chocolates are comfort foods that give humans loads of benefits. However, chocolates and dogs would be a dangerous combination.

The substance theobromine that is found in chocolates is what makes this world’s most loved treat toxic to dogs. Cocoa beans from where chocolates are derived contains the substance theobromine. Theobromine serves as a stimulant and causes frequent urination, affects the kidneys and the heart muscles as well as the central nervous system. These dangerous effects are caused by the dog’s inability to digest this substance. A dog that continuously ingest small amount of chocolates will eventually develop a variety of medical concerns because the dog’s inability to digest theobromine would result to an accumulation of this toxic substance.

Dog owners can share the chocolate bar with the pet or allow the dog to have a slice of the Black Forest cake. Apparently, a dog will not show signs of poisoning if only a small amount of these kinds of chocolates are consumed. A good news to dog owners that are unaware of the harmful effects of chocolates to the dog is the fact that the toxicity of this food is dose dependent so that the pet has to consume from 100 to 150 milligrams of chocolate per kilogram of body weight before the pet will be affected.

Different types of chocolates have different toxicity levels. White chocolates have little amount of theobromine thus the toxicity level is quite low. About 200 ounces of white chocolates must be consumed before signs of chocolate poisoning will be seen. Milk chocolates and semi-sweet chocolates contains more of toxic substance thus a substantial amount consumed will be dangerous to the pet. Among the types of chocolates, the baking chocolate is the most dangerous. Dog owners may not give the dog baking chocolate, dogs being the voracious eaters that they are may be lured by the smell and filch the chocolate while the master’s back is turned. If this happens, the dog must be taken to the vet’s at once. It is always good to know what to do if your dog has eaten chocolate.