Whats The Difference Between Adult Dog Food And Puppy Food Besides Size?

My brother accidentally bought my 6 month old pitbull adult dog food (beneful) and my mom is making a big deal about it saying that he shouldn’t have it cuz it doesnt have as many of the nutrients that puppy food has but then i asked myself “why would they deprive adult dogs of the nutrition?” and we don’t wanna waste the food either cuz its expensive, so if we give it 2 him will it really do anything bad?

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  • ainawgsd says:

    Puppy food is higher in fat and protein than adult dog food because puppies will burn more calories as they are growing than adult dogs will. A 6 month old pit bull will not have any problems from eating adult dog food. Your dog is still growing and therefor still requires more calories than he would as an adult, but he is past the majority of his growing and his growth rate should have slowed down considerably by now. The adult food might cause an upset stomach, some loose stools or diarrhea, and/or some gas if your dog does not get a varied diet and has never eaten anything but the puppy food. But that would be because of the sudden change in food from what his system is used to, not because the adult food is “bad” for him.
    Personally I prefer not to feed my large breed dogs (german shepherds) puppy food at all…not even the large breed puppy formulas…because when large breed puppies grow too fast they will develop skeletal and joint problems and the extra fat and protein in puppy food promote faster growth. Even most people who do like to feed their large breed puppies a puppy food usually recommend switching to adult food between 6 and 12 months (depending on who you talk to). If you’re mom’s that worried about it, then just buy a bag of puppy food and mix the puppy and the adult food.

  • sweetz4t says:

    puppy food has higher calories and fat and vitamin content to allow the puppy the energy and nutrition it needs for its rapid growth and high energy levels. Adult dog food reduces the calorie and fat content as their growing is done and the puppy food would just lead them to being over weight.
    The puppy can eat adult food at 6 months but would need a supplement or more of the food to meet its calorie intake requirement…the best bet is to call a local vet to have them recommend the amount to feed the puppy and what supplement he would suggest

  • Crystal says:

    First question, adult dog food is not harmful to a puppy on a short term basis. It simply has less protein and calcium. Giant breed dog owners often feed an adult formula to keep them from growing too fast and causing bone and joint problems.
    Beneful whether adult or puppy is one of the worst foods out there. Here is the link, click on the one you are using. Some of them have no meat content whatsoever and the grains used are the poorest in quality. You obviously are concerned about your dog so do some research on dog food. Cosco carries their store brand that costs about the same (or cheaper) than Beneful that is far superior or go to a feed store and look for Diamond Naturals. Both of these foods are going to only receive a 3 star rating, but that’s two steps above the lowest rating which is what Beneful receives and cost the same or less.http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_…

  • Aussies are my ♥ Dogs says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Puppy food has higher fat and protein, to help with growth. The person who bred my australian shepherd suggested that I go to adult food at six months. This was to prevent the risk of the bones and joints from growing too quickly. If this happens, they start to break down.

  • Puppy food has a higher fat and protein content. It will not hurt him.
    Beneful is not that expensive because it is total junk.
    They do not “deprive” adults of nutrition….adults need LESS fat and protein because they are done growing.

  • erbear25 says:

    Puppy food has more vitamins and protein to help the puppy’s grow….don’t throw it away ….just store it until her gets older…it doesn’t go bad 4 like a year….if u feed it to him he may not grow up to be very stronger and he may not live as long

  • dancer07 says:

    nooo. i have 4 dogs and sometimes i accidently mix up their dry food. it doesn’t really matter and it won’t harm the dog or anything. just don’t always give it the wrong kind b/c then it won’t ever get nutrients. just this one time should be fine

  • Puppy food is full of fat and protein because they are growing.
    And also depending on the food, puppy food is softer.

  • Leah Clearwater says:

    It has more nurition for the puppy becuase its growing and it needs all the nutrietion it can get.