What Kind Of Dog Should I Get??

I really want to get a dog of my own but I don’t know which kind. I already have a family dog, a toy fox terrier/chihuahua mix and I like to play with him alot. I want another small dog (smaller than my other dog who is 20 lbs.), a dog I can carry around in those cute purse looking dog bags. I want a dog that is friendly and low maintence. I have allergies and can’t afford constant grooming so I must keep that in mind. I also want a breed of dog that is not TOO prone to disease/illness.
I want a dog that will watch tv with me and can sleep in my room and isn’t super hipper. I’ve been looking at pugs and tibetan spaniels because I like how they look but they have a few issues. What kind of dog do you think is right for me?

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  • Jessica♥ says:

    go to the breed selector thingy link below…it will help you and your family pick the right breed to fit you lifestyle. 🙂

  • Cheat Codes says:

    I would suggest u get urself a lil teacup chihuahua. Those r my favorite pets, and u can carry them around everywere u go. Yea get a chihuahua, thats the perfect dog for you.
    good luck =)

  • an american pitbull the most loyal dog ever also the strongest , they enjoy human company alot they are also great guard dogs , a very diverse dog , treat it with care and love and respect and you will never find a better dog. they are also very itellegent anyone who says that they are dumb are talking out there ***. they have had a bad reputation because some bad people stick them in small cages and make them fight to the death , wich turns the poor dogs into savages. , treated with respect and you cant find a better breed.

  • T J says:

    If you want to carry it around, you’ll have to get a really light dog like a Papillon (pronounced pappy-on).
    If you don’t mind something larger, say 12-15 pounds, either a Tibetan Spaniel or a Shih-Tzu would be great. We have both. The tibetan is very mellow and cozy and very much like a lap dog. The Shih-Tzu is more of a mindless plaything that is just fun to have.

  • sophylak says:

    a stuffed animal may be best… although that, too, may trigger your allergies….. i suggest you go to AKC.ORG and search dogs by group CLICK ON TOY GROUP,,,, you can read about every single breed and what they are like… then make your decision

  • kambueno says:

    get a pomerainian they are very cute and very small about 20 pounds and it would look good in the purse carrier

  • allyalex says:

    First of all, any purebred dog is going to be prone to disease and hyperactivity
    My suggestion would be to go to an animal shelter and see if they have any tiny dogs, and try to bond with them

  • Robin S says:

    you should get a Pomeranian my friends had one they make vary good pets

  • Kally says:

    Pugs aren’t too hard to take care of but get alot of allergy problems. I would suggest a Pomeranian or a chihuahua. I have a miniature dachshund and she does good as a purse pooch she weighs about 17 pounds maybe a little less. Also you might consider a mixed breed such as a Puggle. They are really cute and not to heavy or hard to care for.

  • Miss_Sun says:

    you cant go wrong when they are this cute
    this site might help too – the first line says
    ~~Considering getting a dog, but just can’t decide which one best suits you? (and that sounds like you 🙂 )http://www.selectsmart.com/DOG/

  • Emily I says:

    Spaniels are great companions! My family owns one but if you don’t want a dog who is constantly by your side, this type of dog is not the one for you. My Spaniel isn’t super high maintanance. She is friendly but not in the least bit hyper around us. Let me warn you though, Spaniels DO NOT like to be smothered. If you get in their face and cuddle them too much like I like to do, they wont be in a very good mood. I have had great experience with Spaniels and don’t be afraid of what I said before… all dogs have different personalities. Whatever you decide to get, good luck!

  • Private P says:

    A stuffed animal would be the best for all of your requirements.
    If you want a loyal companion, who would lay their life down for you, and their only goal in life would be to please you, ..Get a Golden Retriever, a female

  • piccilo hiccups says:

    i have a jack russel and he’s amazing, but they need a lot of room to run around. we have about 17 acres so that works. if you have space or time to walk them, go to a public library and find a book that has an aptitude test in it about j.r. that’s how we found our dog and he’s perfect. he’ll be really playful on second and then the next he’s calm and cool as a cucumber. we love him!

  • Elena says:

    I think a Shih Tzu or Toy Poodle would be really good for you. Please do NOT carry your dog/s around in designer dog bags or purses. Please do NOT dress them up like a child. They are dogs. Not babies. Not dolls. Just dogs.
    Pugs are prone to a lot of health problems so I don’t recommend a Pug if you don’t want a lot of health problems. Remember that ALL dogs are prone to diseases of all kinds.

  • tiffanya says:


  • Republic Of 4000 says:

    A MUTT! go to an animal shelter. they are already trained and will love you for saving there live!

  • hello i have a miniature American Eskimo who is a good lap dog but he has long hair and shed allot but a toy American Eskimo would be good for you
    go here to see a Pic of a toy American Eskimo
    good luck

  • Kool-Aid says:

    The bezt dog is a Yorkshire Terrior, I’m getting three, and a Golden Retriever