What Illness Is Dog Parvo Or Distemper And How Is It Treated?

People say parve is fatal to dogs how can I prevent my dog from catching it. What type of illness is it, what symptoms should I look out for.

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  • DEADGAME says:

    You’ve never heard of VIRUSES?
    Or the marvelous 200 yo invention,VACCINATIONS,that prevent them?
    What cave have you been hiding in?
    PREVENT,not “treat!
    Parvo kills 50% w/treatment. Distemper is almost as bad.

  • schnauze says:

    You have loads of answers so l will not really add to them suffice to say the ONLY way to prevent both parvo and distemper is to inoculate and keep up boosters evey year.if buying a puppy you must make sure it has all its immunizations.To the person that stated that a dog can get parvo even when inoculated that is rubbish the only way that will happen is if you fail to give boosters every year.l should know l am a vet nurse And a fully qualified one to boot plus a longtime Breeder and have yet to come across a case of parvo in a dog that has its inoculations up to date.The only thing a dog can get although they are immunized against it is kennel cough a highly infectious air borne virus and even immunized dogs can get it but in a weaker form.

  • Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease that can be vaccinated against. Symptoms include, listlessness, loss of appetite, stomach pain, vomiting (blood streaked), pale grey diarrhoea, dehydration. Parvovirus can be transmitted on clothes, shoes and utensils.
    The treatment is to ensure as a young puppy your puppy is not exposed as much as possible to other dogs until it is vaccinated and the vaccination has time to work.
    Distemper is a highly contagious disease that starts with a runny discharge from the nose and eyes, a cough and high temperature. The nervous system can also be affected and this leads to convulsions. It is usually the secondary infection, which is commonly pneumonia, that causes death. Hard Pad (hardening of feet pads and nose) commonly follows an episode of distemper. Distemper can and should be vaccinated against yearly.
    Again vaccination is the key here.

  • jamand says:

    Parvo can kill dogs – it is like a very bad dog flu and diarrhoea – anything the dog eats comes straight back out the other end, hence the dog basically starves to death.
    Look it up on Wikipedia – it is not as common now so don’t worry too much – but, you have no way of preventing it I’m afraid – even vaccinated dogs can get it (been there, done that) – only cure is rapid response and a trip to the vet for assistance and connection to drip feeding and intravenous antibiotics.
    Check it out here – http://www.future-of-vaccination.co.uk/c

  • Lau :P :) !! says:

    well you know the vaccinations your dog had as a pup, and the booster jabs he gets every year, there against parvo, so make sure you get them done, the symptoms will be your dog will be extremely sick, ive only known 1 dog to survive parvo which was a great dane puppy…if your dog is a puppy dont take it outside at all uintill its had the injections, parvo is usually caught through other dogs urine e.c.t so when a dog stands on it or licks it e.c.t it could catch it
    good luck

  • loves christmas lights says:

    There are shots, go get them. Distemper is an extremely painful disease for a dog, its in their nerves. My dog, started not being able to get up and its back legs lagged. I had two pups this happened to as a teen, its was very sad. Our neighbors went full blown distemper which causes them to go insane and then die. Parvo I dont know. Its so easy to get, really easy. The shots are not expensive. You might be able to get some at a feed store, as in hay feed type stores. I was able to cheaply buy one and admisister but one is a live virus shot and has to be given by a vet.

  • Sam W says:

    “Parvo” is a word most puppy owners learn, and learn to dread. It’s short for canine parvovirus, the most common infectious dog disease in the U.S.
    here’s more info:http://www.mediumurl.com/?r=062360425417
    hope this helps.