What Are Health Benefits Of Having A Dog ? Which Breed Of Dog Is Most Loving,intelligent And Least Aggresive ?

Which dog will be loving peaceful and playful with the kids?
We dont want a security dog,we want a breed of dog who will play with strangers, highly intelligent and loving. We dont want a dog for security purpose please advise me.
What are health benefits of having pets in home ? my kids they are forcing me to own a dog so please advise me
I am from South India, I am a Chemist
please give me serious advice
I will buy the puppy in 2 or 3 days
I also love dogs and when he will come and will also give me lot of love and care.

Which dog will be loving peaceful and playful with the kids?
We dont want a security dog,we want a breed of dog who will play with strangers, we will play with all – any breed will be like this if they are trained and socialised properly.

Here is a breed selector, you answer questions and it tells u what dog breed is best suited to your answers.http://www.the-kennel-club.org.uk/findab…

The health benifits are that owning pets can lower stress thus lowing blood presure and they can help people with depresion. (there have been a few studies into this)

There are also health risks to consider such as worms and fleas, befor they are house broken they will go to the toilets inside.

I would not get the dog yet, first get out a dog book and lurn all you can about training and raising a dog, there is a lot more to it than just playing with it and loving it. otherwise u could end up with a disobedient dog that just causes u stress. (someone i know who has owned many dogs brought a pup and did no training or proper research on the cross (labradodle) and now has a hyper dog thet wont listen to a word she says and its driving her so mad she is considering takin it back to the breeder)

Also find a puppy training class.


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10 Responses to What Are Health Benefits Of Having A Dog ? Which Breed Of Dog Is Most Loving,intelligent And Least Aggresive ?

  • Ollie says:

    Hi,Labradors have a lovely temperament & are very playful.

  • Ollie J says:

    I own a standard Schnauzer – very loving and kind breed that rarely barks.
    Great temperament with children and strangers.
    I would strongly suggest you do some research about the kind of dog you want before buying one – dogs are for life not just the moment.
    You need to ensure you will take care of it, including regular daily exercise.

  • fatrab says:

    A labrador or golder retriever would be a good place to start, also spaniels, beagles, weimaraner, collies and setters have great personalities and good reputations with kids.
    Dogs keep you active but it would be advisable to make sure none of the kids take a reaction to dog hair etc before you get one!
    I’ve had dogs all my life and I’m sure you love having one.

  • BRIAN S says:

    Labrador is a good faithful breed.
    Health benefits – 2 miles walking per day. Remember, no dog should be left alone with children, whatever the breed.

  • suesunuk says:

    a labrador is about the best all round dog you could get loyal good with kids

  • Hulahoop says:

    .king charles spaniel

  • Get the kids a virtual pet dog , dogs take time energy and effort all dogs cost money . It is when mums and dad feel pressured into buying a breed of dog things go wrong. You wouldn’t be happy if that cute puppy you bought bit your kids , all dogs will resort to bad behaviour when they don’t get enough exercise , or have boundaries limitations , set for them they become like unruly children but worse DOGS BITE
    It’s up to you but would suggest not owning a dog until your children have shown real responsibility perhaps get them involved in a shelter , once they understand what dog ownership is all about perhaps they may change there minds good luck

  • Gigi L says:

    For a dog that will be playful and affectionate not only with your family but also with strangers pick a Golden Retriever. This breed of dog is famous for its friendliness. As far as how would a dog enhance a person’s health, it has been proven through scientific studies that people who have pets lead happier and healthier lives. Just gaze into the dark brown eyes of a Golden Retriever and you will see all the unconditional love just waiting to be lavished on you. Be prepared however to give this breed a daily brushing to keeps its coat looking its best. They also have lots of energy and need to have a good play/exercise time daily. They are well worth it though. Golden Retrievers are friends with everyone…even your neighborhood burglar.
    The second choice would be a Labrador Retriever. The only problem with that breed is their coat exudes an oily substance which will, over time, stain your carpeting and furniture. Labradors do have a bit of guarding instinct which you may be thankful for should you have an unwanted prowler hanging around.
    Whatever dog you choose, be sure you are ready to be committed to giving your new pet the proper loving care it deserves and requires.

  • Lizz says:

    If you want a highly intelligent and gentle dog I suggest a poodle as they have the added benefit of being none allergenic, as much as I love labradors they tend to have a long puppy stage which can be annoying when they are two years old and jumping all over you.
    There is many scientific studies that show people with animals and dogs have less depression and mental health issues. because you need to exercise a dog you also get fit. although a dog should not just be purchased to make children more responsible, if it is a well thought out decision and everybody does there fair share it can teach kids to be more responsible (i know it did for me)

  • More Bored Collie says:

    There are many health benefits of owning a dog.
    Dogs control blood pressure better than drugs
    Dogs encourage you to get out and exercise
    Dogs can help with social support
    Dogs provide unconditional love
    Dogs can reduce stress
    I would actually suggest a Labrador or golden retriever in this case. Either of these breeds from a GOOD and REPUTABLE breeder tend to turn out wonderfully as a family dog.
    HOWEVER: from a bad breeder they may not have had as much attention paid to the temperament aspect when breeding, and the pups may not be as emotionally sound.
    It depends on the size of dog you are looking for as well.
    Labs and Goldens are obviously a larger sized breed.
    Beagles are another breed I would suggest if you are looking for a smaller breed, permitting you have a properly fenced yard.
    Irish Wolfhounds are yet another breed, if you are looking for a larger breed of dog.