Understanding the reasons for dog attacks

In spite of the close association between man and dogs, these animals’ aggression have resulted to dog attacks that caused minor to fatal injuries. Every year more than four million dog owners and non-dog owners needs medical attention for minor to fatal injuries resulting from dog attacks. Dogs have different personalities and while some would be crowned as most congenial pets others noted to have aggressive personalities are trained for protection work. However, there must be a reason why dogs are acclaimed as man’s best friends. For ages, dogs are seen beside man – being a loyal and affectionate pet as well a dependable helper and protector. Dogs have the wolves for ancestors and in spite of being tamed, the aggressive nature and the high prey drive will kick in from time to time. Even well a mannered dog will attack if the inherent ferocious nature is triggered by a person or by a situation in the environment.

Dogs are physically capable of toppling people down. The jaws and the needle sharp teeth that can deliver hundreds of pounds of pressure can cause fatal injuries. Dogs are the most popular choice for a pet as these animals form a strong bond with their owners. However, because of the increasing number of dog attack incidents some people can’t help but be wary whenever a dog is seen.

Why do dogs show aggression? Studies on dog attacks showed that in many instances, the dog’s aggression is spurred by human behavior . For all the care people gave the their pet dogs, a lot of dog bite incidents are caused by the victim’s own pet. It is not uncommon for dog to manifest dominance over what is considered as pack members because these animals are pack oriented. A doting pet owner may allow the dog to be pushy. Pet owners are advised against allowing a pet to be pushy as this behavior can turn into aggressiveness that will make the dog attack at the slightest provocation.

Dogs are territorial animals. A dog that perceives a threat to its litter, to its food and territory will attack. Children (and adults) are cautioned not to approach an eating dog as even the simple act of removing the dog bowl to add more food will prompt the dog to attack. The human family is considered by the dog as a member of the pack. Because the pet is protective of its territory, the squeals of the playing master will cause the dog to attack the playmates.

Not all people love dogs. Abused dogs may feel the need to attack when exposed to fearful situations. Sweet, loving and affectionate are the common descriptions given to dogs but abused dogs adopted from shelters would still have the tendency to attack due to a fearful or an aggressive temperament.