Understanding & stopping Aggression in Dogs.

Many pet owners had this common problem for years together ; fighting the aggression in dogs and keeping it under control.  If you understand the theorem as to what causes dogs to be assertive and how to control it, then the chances of not being a victim of dog aggression is high.  It is astounding that dog bites cost the healthcare industry $30 million yearly. 

First, you need to understand the reasons behind aggression in dogs.  Not all dogs are born assertive, they usually become like that thanks to the conditions around them.  When a puppy is of a very young age, like say between one to fourteen weeks, they need to socialize totally and sorted by relations. 

Aggression in dogs sometimes begins from a tender age due to unacceptable care.  If the puppies aren’t socialized with humans from a young age, they will grow up shy around others and will also be afraid of them.  This is perhaps the beginning of aggression in dogs.  If left unchecked, it may be an issue later on . 
There are factors that cause aggression in dogs.  This should be hormonal or genetic background.  The most common breeds like Doberman and dog are consider having the most aggression in dogs.  These breeds are of a protective nature which explains the high aggression in dogs that belong to these breeds. 

Hormonal imbalances are due to inbreeding by some scrupulous dog breeders.  They do not take good care of the dogs and in an effort to make a fast buck, resort to inbreeding.  As well as causing raised levels of aggression in dogs, this is also unhealthy and can have serious physiological effects on the dog too. 

The environment the dog is being raised in is also a major contributor to aggression in dogs.  If the dog is being punished unnecessarily, or being showered attention for no reason, or is the topic of provoking by passersby and kids, then these are all in charge of higher levels of aggression in dogs.

Furthermore, aggression may also be classified into differing kinds based on the dog’s demeanor.  The defensive aggression in dogs is when the dog is very scared of the person or animal and attacks in retaliation.  This is one of the most typical forms of aggression. 

The territorial aggression is the form of aggression where animals or people outside of the known circle approach the dog’s area and make it feel threatened.  On the other hand, discomfort induced aggression, as the name suggests, is when the dog is attacking something that causes it pain like other animals or folks.  There’s a possibility that a combination of aggression in dogs can exist and hence, it is safe to chop down the causes before jumping the lorry. 

Sadly, a big number of owners of pets mistake aggression in dogs to be an unexplained behavior change.  They fail to realize what caused the dog to behave the method it probably did and hastily send it away to animal shelters.  If you take the time and understand, then it is possible that there are a few things your dear pet may be attempting to say.

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