Trendy Dog Names

by Marion Jones
Fashion seems to dictate everything these days. From what you wear to what you call your dog, everything you do is decreed by the requirement to be cool. Cool dog names are hard to come by and even harder to choose. This is because no sooner is something in fashion, than it is out again.

Who would want to choose a cute dog name that may not be fashionable tomorrow? People usually play it safe as a result, which is why the same names have been around for so long. To try and break that cycle, five cool dog names are given below with our reasons why you should pick one of them for your dog.

Phoenix: What could be cuter than a bird that goes up in flames, but then rises from the ashes? Phoenix is one of the cool dog names that will never go out of fashion because it is based in history. It has a timeless air about it, which has somewhat surprisingly failed to boost its popularity.

Star: Star is one of the cool dog names because it has so many meanings and connotations that you can struggle to find out where to begin. A star in the sky is a phenomenon and a star can refer to someone that outperforms in a particular field. It is a high form of praise and thus is definitely a cute dog name.

Lady: Lady is one of the most popular dog names but it is also one of the cute dog names because of Disney. Lady and the Tramp was a huge hit and made the name popular but also gave it some credibility. In this case popularity is second to coolness.

Elvis: The coolest of cool dog names. Elvis Presley was definitely cool and remains cool today even after his death. It is infinitely cool to name your dog after an icon who never goes out of fashion.

Shadow: There is a dark and mysterious quality about Shadow that makes it a cool dog name. It would be used to best effect on a large dog however because it wouldn’t have the same strong effect with a small breed.

Whatever cute dog names you consider for your pooch, it is one sure-fire way to give them an identity of their own and make them memorable in the eyes of others. .

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