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Is It Unethical To Feed A Dog A Vegan Diet?

I know dogs are omnivores, can they get all their nutrition from a vegan diet?

Well I’m sure almost every dog out there would eat a piece of meat if it were offered to them.
Most would also eat a bowl of lentils and veg too.
A lot of dogs actually have to be vegan/vegetarian due to allergies to milk/meat/eggs etc etc.
If you are interested in researching this subject more, I’d suggest finding some websites- there are many out there. Past questions along these lines at Yahoo Answers are totally flooded by people who automatically think feeding dogs any type of meal without an ounce of meat is wrong in every way, and it’s obvious none of them have done any of research on the subject.
Fact: The oldest dog about is a vegan collie dog. (…
So in answer to your question, no, not in my opinion. Most dog foods are made with the worst bits of meat you could possibly imagine (again, independent research advised), and most of it is made with vegetables anyway. Of course, with a vegan dog, you also get all the other more ethical features humans enjoy such as less harm to the environment.
Overall, it’s the owners choice. A dog will almost always go for meat instead of veg, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy vegetable meals too, and it most definitely doesn’t mean the dog will benefit more because s/he chose that food.
With careful research, a dog could benefit immensely from a vegan diet. I’d certainly Never consider buying the processed total Rubbish they offer at shops. Once, when we offered our dog a bowl of baught chicken dog food, and a bowl of lentils, there was no contest, lentils were the big hit.
Research research research! It has been done, and very successfully.

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