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Should Vegans Only Keep Dogs When The Dogs Can Be Kept On A Vegan Diet?

This came up in a past question, Someone said that a Vegan should feed their dogs vegan food if they are true Vegans. What do you think? Personally I think it’s more complex then that. Dog’s do fine on a Vegan diet, barring any previous health problems (there is plenty of research on this subject, look it up, I don’t want this to become a discustion about dog nutrition.) but if for some reason the dog cannot eat a Vegan diet I think the human Vegan should not get rid of the dog. While I think it’s regretable to feed the dog meat, you are better off giving the dog a good home and supporting the meat industry a bit, then to kick out the dog.
Everyone also should understand that we don’t have a problem with the dog eating meat exactly. We have a problem with supporting the meat idsustry. Thoughts?

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What Vegetarian Dog Food Would You Recommend?

I understand dogs are not exactly meant to be vegetarian, but i am vegan and also want my dog to be at least vegetarian. What brand of food would you recommend? I have seen Natures Best and AvoDerm brands, but i would like recommendations from people who HAVE used the food or are vets and know a lot about nutrition for dogs.

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