How do you train a puppy to not chase a cat?

I have a 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy and a 7-year old cat. Unfortunately, the puppy seems to think the cat is a play-mate or a toy, and matters are made worse by the fact that the cat runs every time the puppy comes after her with tail wagging. Of course, that means the chase is on! I’ve tried scolding the puppy, “leave it”, keeping them separated, and even scaring the puppy with a shaker can. All of those methods work for a second or two, but as soon as kitty catches the puppy’s eye again, off they go with me trailing after them. I never leave them loose in the same room unsupervised, but the damage appears to have been done. My puppy just seems to think the cat is something to chase, which my cat does not appreciate at all. Any suggestions as to how I can get my puppy to stop chasing the cat?

I have a dog (100lbs) and two cats (2ys and 10yrs) who have their claws and ain’t afraid to use them. The only way the pup will learn is by getting swatted a few times. If the cat is declawed then they usually have harder bites which also might teach the dog. The worst thing you can do is keep them separated. If you don’t want them to duke it out so to speak then leash your dog when inside and keep him with you and correct each time he darts for the kitty. My dog was 85 lbs and 8 months old when he moved in. He wouldn’t dare take food from one of our cats but if we turn our back on a sandwich, he’ll gobble up. Go figure! Good Luck!


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