taking care of a puppy

Do You Have Everything You Need For That New Puppy?

Getting a puppy is not a decision to be taken lightly, looking after a dog is a commitment of 10+ years and you need to make sure you are ready for that. Plus you need to make sure you have everything you need to look after the puppy, before you bring it home, otherwise you could end up in a pickle.

The most obvious thing to make sure you have is food, a puppy is like a baby and it is going to be hungry a lot so it can get all the nutrients it needs to grow. You can get special puppy blends of food which tend to have more nutrients in them to help them grow, but that may be just a marketing ploy so do your own research before you buy that.

Another thing you will need is lots of toys. That may seem like something you can buy later, but you will need them to distract your hyperactive puppy so you can get some work done! If you get some toys that can roll then they can spend hours chasing them around and will nicely tire themselves out at the same time too, also toys they can chew are great to stop them chewing anything else around the house.

Your puppy chewing things up can be a real problem, and one common target is the bed which usually ends up in bits by the end of the day, even though they seem to love their bed and sleep in it all the time. One thing you could try to stop this happening is to buy one of the indestructible dog beds which is a lot more sturdy and will stop them either getting their teeth into anything they can grip, or just be tough enough to withstand the chewing, or you can get the trained out of the habit.

You will also need some grooming supplies to help keep them fit and healthy, like a dog brush and maybe a tooth brush for them too (brushing regularly will help their breath as well as keep their teeth healthy). Plus a book on puppy and adult dog care would be a great investment if you are new to dog ownership, so you can have some guidance on what you need to do and when.

The final, but probably most important thing to do, is to find a vet in your local area who you will take your dog too. Then once you have the puppy take it along for an examination and to find out what shots it need etc..

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He is a 4 week (month) old rottweiler. What should i feed him Were does he sleep i need as much information possible.
The vet didnt help much can you help me please!!!Thanxs

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