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How to Control Dog Chewing

Have you ever come home to find that while you were gone, your puppy or dog has been busy chewing up your shoes, your remote control, pillows, perhaps a book you were enjoying, or God knows what? If this is happening in  your house, you will want to train him not to do that anymore.

If we think about it, it is pretty easy to understand why puppies and younger dogs can be so destructive. Use this understanding for helping to control the puppy chewing.All  puppies go through a teething process and chewing things helps them deal with the discomforts of teething. Puppies and young dogs up to age 3 are definitely going to have more chewing urges than an older dog. You may see dogs of various ages chewing just for something to do. If your dog is bored and maybe feeling a little lonely, or perhaps just under exercised, chewing gives him something to do–just like some other dogs spend their free time digging up the yard to pass the time of day. Whichever reason is relevant to your dog or pup, you can learn some easy ways to control dog chewing.

Check out these tips for helping stop dog chewing problems.

  • The very easiest method is to dog-proof your house by keeping your pet outside in the enclosed yard-at least when you are away and can’t supervise what he’s getting into. If you do want to leave your dog inside while you are gone, make sure to put all those things he enjoys chewing (shoes, books, etc.) somewhere he can’t reach them. Closing all the houses inner doors is a simple and common sense way to eliminate many of the temptations from your dog’s reach. Keep your shoes in a closed closet. Be sure to keep your remote controls, cell phones, (anything that’s got that nice crunchy texture that he loves) out of reach by placing it higher up on a shelf. You should always make sure no food is left within his reach-put the food away in a cupboard or the frig. Of course, the bigger your dog is the higher you will have to put your loose things. Don’t forget, they can stand up to get at something tempting, so don’t leave anything you don’t want chewed on within easy reach.
  • Stop your dog from chewing your personal items by giving your dog some good alternative items for his chewing enjoyment.A great way to save slippers is to provide some chew toys for your pet to ravish. My dog’s all-time favorite chew toy is something called the Kong. A Kong is a chew toy kind of like an odd shaped ball  with an opening that allows you to put some peanut butter or another treat inside. Your dog will stay occupied for quite a while as he tries to get at the treat inside. Because of its odd shape,the Kong  also bounces like crazy when you throw it, and makes a great fetch toy. In addition to the Kong, provide him with some other chew toys, so he doesn’t get bored with just the one. If he’s chewing something like a chew toy, the chewing he’s doing is no longer a problem-instead it’s a fun way for him to spend some time.
  • If you catch him in the act of chewing something that is off limits, like your cell phone, you should immediately stop your dog from chewing it. You should make a loud sudden noise, for instance clap your hands together forcefully, and tell him “no”. This should get your dog’s attention. He’ll know he is doing something you don’t like. However, don’t punish your dog by hitting or yelling at him. The point is to correct him, not to scare him. Be sure to stay calm, go to your dog and remove the item he’s chewing on and replace it with your approved alternative-the Kong or some other chew toy. Immediately after he puts that in his mouth praise him big time. Before long, he will understand that some things are good to chew and others aren’t. Dogs are smart, and it won’t take log before he recognizes that he gets praise and a reward for acting appropriately. Just like us. Remember, you shouldn’t punish your dog for chewing something when you weren’t around. You should only correct your dog when you catch him in the actual act of doing something wrong. They don’t understand what you are saying of course, so punishing them hours after chewing up your shoes won’t make the right impression and will not help to stop you dog from chewing your shoes the next time he feels like it. Correcting too late, will not help, and in fact will just serve to confuse your dog.

Hopefully you have found this advice to be helpful with saving some of your possessions. Please click here for more helpful dog obedience training tips

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How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing

Stop Dog Jumping For Good!

It is just a fact that that all doggies will chew on something in their life-time. It is a question of how much. What can we do about it?

Why Do Doggies Chew?

  • Because it feels good to chew whilst teathing
  • Dog’s mouths are equivalent to our hands
  • {They get bored! and they will chew a lot when bored or anxious}

Stress can cause dogs to chew.  To remedy this situation requires us to learn a few things.  It is really us that requires the training, not the dog.  What do ya know?

Things You Can Do To Reduce The Chewing:

His environment is everything, so you must definitely doggy proof your house somewhat. Consider dogs on the same caliber of destruction as a small child and proof the house with that mindset. No worries!

Make fun things to chew readily available at all times. And make sure to have clean water out just as frequently – it’s easy to work up a heavy thirst when you’re a dog! Training your dog is all about technique and using your brain to think through problem behavior.

Keep your best belongings way out of reach of the rascal. Any item that you need intact might be: socks and shoes, stuffies and other kids toys, hats, books, TOILET PAPER ROLLS, and such. And watch the electrical wires, that they are no just lying around ready to be chewed.

And please don’t just leave him to all alone in your house while you go out for extended periods. That’s just asking for it.

Make sure that when you are giving her chewable toys that they do NOT resemble household items like shoes? It will cause her to chew up your actual shoes.

As hinted at above, dog proof the house and have designated areas sectioned off like the kitchen if it is big enough. Please leave him something warm to lie on because lying on the floor is cold for you and me, and so, it’s cold for our dogs too.

Something to consider; no dog likes to be left and no person does either for that matter. Please get him a friend if you need to be away a lot.

More Ways We Stop All This Chewing:
One good solid way is to Interrupt and Redirect in the middle of a good chewing session. If you do this everytime without freaking out, your pup will learn soon!

Just Interrupt her when you catch her in the act.  Say ‘Nope! to let her know you don’t like her chewing that item.  And make sure not to shout her name because we want her name to be associated with pleasant memories.

Then redirect her to one of her own toys to chew. Just be consistent with this and she’ll learn it in time – be patient.

I hope you extracted tons out of this and if you want to stop your dog from this and other dog behavior problems, check out this review of SitStayFetch to dicover mountains more.

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