I Am Feeding Science Diet But Want Something Better- What Should I Look For In Dog Food?

After some research, I’ve found that Science Diet isn’t a good dog food. Since my vet recommended it, I’d thought it would be fine!

So, I want to switch my Papillon and Yorkie’s food to something healthier and with better ingredients.

Any suggestions? When I look at the ingredients and nutrition, what should I look for or avoid?

I know what you’re going through! We are trained to trust vets and breeders, and think they know best, but really… when it comes to nutrition, they don’t always know best.

When looking for dog food, you want something that has no corn in it. Most dogs have some form of allergy to corn. You want the most meat content you can afford. And you want meat or meat meal. No meat by-products.

Also, I would recommend researching raw diets. Even if you don’t plan on switching, it doesn’t hurt to look into it. I switched my dog to a raw diet about 2 months ago, and so far, I am loving the results.


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