How do you teach a puppy to stop unnecessary barking?

My friend and I just got a miniature pinscher puppy and she is barking so much when we leave, that the neighbors have been complaining. The puppy tends to bark when we leave which I know is completely normal. What would be the best way to train a puppy to not bark so much without having to to take her to a trainer? We just dont want to have to debark the puppy or have to put her down if they neighbors take this any further. Please help!

I’d say keep using ‘no’ when you catch the behavior. ‘No’ is short and sweet and puppies will get the message. When you yell at the dog or use more words than necessary the message gets jumbled. ‘No’ in a stern voice, looking at him will get the point across.

The problem is you say this behavior happens when you’re not there. Even so, it will help to be consistent when you are there to hear/catch the behavior.

Beyond that, we got an older dog (not a puppy, this dog was about 2) who used to do that. For one thing she just moved to our house with us, so she was adjusting to the new living situation…as your puppy is doing. One thing that helped us was to turn the tv on when we left…after we started doing that we didnt get any more barking complaints. I think it helped to have noise, distraction, etc to take away from the fact that she was alone.

Further, if your puppy is bored while you are gone make sure you have toys to leave the puppy with. Play with the puppy and the toys when you’re with the puppy…so then the toy will be a happy reminder of you, the owner. You probably dont want to do this, since you just got a puppy, but having another dog or puppy really reduces boredom and loneliness, so I’m sure that would also solve your problem.

A few final suggestions…try to limit the time you are gone…like plan one outing to take care of all your errands, not three scattered throughout the day. You can also move the dog to a particular room or part of the house when you’re gone – at the opposite end of where the neighbor’s house is. Adding the tv will mean the noise is coming from farther away, and is drowned out a little. Finally, it would be alot less expensive than a trainer to just get a friend or family member to ‘pet sit’ when you will be gone for hours at a time. That way there would be someone there, so barking would be less likely, but if barking does occur there is someone there to say ‘NO’!


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