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Teach Your Puppy Not To Bite

All puppies seem to want to bite and all puppies should be taught to change this habit. A lot of characteristics that you find cute in your puppy, such as jumping on you or nibbling on your arm, must be corrected before your dog gets too big.

When a puppy is left in its natural environment, she will learn to control her biting. The reason is if she bites too much, the mother or her siblings will correct your dog. Since puppies are removed from this natural environment, training a puppy is up to you the owner.

Let your puppy play with other puppies so it learns from them what type of behavior is allowed.

There are special classes for puppies sponsored by pet stores called puppy playtime and puppy kindergarten. There your puppy can socialize with other canines and humans. When your puppy plays too rough and bites too much, the other puppies will correct her.

Always try how to train your dog when it is still a puppy. This goes for biting training as well. You need to have your dog spend time with other dogs. A dog that does not have the experience of socializing with other dogs can be hard to control and dangerous. Try to socialize your dog in the first 12 weeks of its life. This is according to dog training experts.

The same applies with training for dogs to socialize with people, particularly children. Parents may not want their child exposed to a dog that is older and bigger. It is best to allow your puppy to learn how to behave with children when it is still young and less of a threat.

Letting the puppy be around different things and people is a good idea. Like being around adults of different races, children, other puppies, cats.

Getting your animal to spend time with other dogs and people is important to ensuring your puppy does not bite. Also, it will help if you provide your pet with toys to bite on. It gives your dog something to do and helps him to not bite things he should not.

Tell your friends and family that you do not want you puppy to bite. If your pet bites one person and they do not scold the animal, then it will be confused and might bite someone else.

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Train Your Dog to Behave Properly

The best time to teach your dog how to behave is when it is a pup. It is a priority when the dog is young to teach it proper manners. Training a puppy is to teach it what is considered proper behavior and what is not.

The earlier you learn how to train your dog, the better the chances that your dog will understand and obey. They can learn relatively fast. When you interact with your dog, you are showing your dog something, so teaching the right manners is up to you.

Not only is training beneficial to the dog, it is also helpful to people. A canine that is not trained can be more dangerous than one that is trained. You are responsible for this.

It has been said that dogs are mans best friend and this friendship goes back centuries as dogs have been domesticated for a very long time. They have been trained probably earlier than any other animal.

How dogs act in the wild is necessary to understand when dealing with your dog. Animals have a lead animal when in packs. This main dog or Alpha dog provides guidance to the other dogs in hunting and survival areas for the pack.

In training for dogs, you are the dogs pack leader. You will be the “Alpha Dog”. Your dog should perceive you as the leader of its pack in order to gain its respect. When you gain this respect and trust from your dog, that is when the training will start working. Instead of your dog being fearful of you, having him trust you will cause him to be more comfortable around you and better able be trained.

If your dog is scared of you, he is less likely to be trained properly. Don’t punish the dog when he does something wrong. It is better to just reward him when he is good. Let him decide what to do and then reward him when he does the right thing.

Ask your buddy to jog and if the dog sits still, reward him. If not start over. It will learn going after a jogger is not the right thing to do.

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House Training Your Dog

Training your dog to be house broken is something that you must face. It can be a tough start for both owner and dog at the start of their new relationship.

Using the dogs own natural instincts is the best way to train him. Dogs do not want to sleep in the same place where they soil. This applies to dogs of any age.

Reward the dog and show enthusiasm and excitement to the dog when it goes in the right place. He will think happy thoughts when he does the right thing because of the rewards.

Always be consistent regarding when your dog eats and when you give him access to the toilet area. Patience is necessary. There will be accidents when house training a dog. Do not get upset at the dog. The dog might have been by himself for too long or you are going to fast in the training.

The dogs den is where the dog will stay when you are not able to watch him. It can be a bathroom or a small part of another room. Spend time with the dog in its den. Make the dog comfortable there. You will expand the dens size over time. It could be difficult for some dogs that are not used to being inside as they might feel trapped.

Being bored can cause problems when training your dog. Bored dogs drink more and then urinate more. Dogs do not want to soil where there sleep so they will be confused if they do have an accident. When potty training dogs, make sure the dog has toys to play with to prevent boredom. Exercise will help the dog sleep when you are not there.

Remember to stay with the dog in the den area as this will give him the security to feel comfortable and secure. This is where you can bond with the dog until he is properly trained.

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How Much Work Is It To Take Care Of A New Puppy/dog?

What do you have to do and how long does it take and how often do you have to do it?

A LOT of work… You have to groom it (brushing, baths, nail clipping, ear care, eye care, teeth brushing every night) You have to change it’s water at least once a day, I do it twice-three times a day. You have to evauluate different foods and spend hours looking through petstores to find the perfect food. You have to bring her to the vet for a checkup every year or so…You have to watch for any infections, fleas, ticks, multiple others too…

You have to pick up poo when ever it goes potty and then there is potty training and obedience…You have to crate train it and help your dog conquer fears of cars, people, weird phobias of glasses, mail boxes…You have to clean up accidents when she goes potty inside and you have to bring her out at night to go potty when it is snowing and 20 degrees out and watch her stare vacantly at you and and the second shhe is inside, she pees on your brand new rug…You have to remember to always be the alpha dog, and sometimes the hardest of all is to remember to scratch behind her ears when you come home because she waws waiting for you the whole day….

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it won’t be much work…If you don’t have the time, commitment, love, and the money to take care of a dog, get a different pet like a fish or a hamster.

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