puppy temperature

Your Puppy’s Body Condition and Temperature

You need to keep a watchful eye on your puppy making certain he doesn’t eat an excessive amount of food, or too little.  Simply going by the recommended amount on the label may not be enough for a growing puppy.  He may would like a little additional sometimes.  But with an increase in food, you need to increase exercise or you may have an overweight puppy.

The extra weight can place your pup in danger for heart issues, respiratory, and muscular problems.  Avoid obesity by preventing it in the first place.

If the pup is underfed, increase his ration for 2 weeks.  If he is growing back to where he ought to be, keep with the set up till he reaches an ideal weight.

If the pup is overfed, reduce the amount of food you give until he’s down to a suitable weight.  Additionally increase his exercise routine.

Overweight and underweight puppies have lower immune systems.  They’ll catch something from the dog next door or the one down the street.  Keep a watchful eye on your puppy when he is trying to keep up a stable weight.

At least 2 to three times per week, be certain to test your pup’s temperature to make certain there is no fever brewing.  A normal temperature for dogs is between 99.five and 102.five degrees.  If you’re uncertain, please get the vet to indicate you how to try and do it.  You’ll want to lubricate the thermometer with petroleum jelly or mineral oil and slide it halfway into the rectum.  Leave for 3 minutes.  Remove and read the mercury level.  If the pup is running a fever, you must see your vet immediately.  DO NOT ever use an oral thermometer for a rectal temperature.  The readings could be off and make you’re thinking that the dog is sick when he is really not.

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