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Pavovirus Treatment – Test Your Knowledge

Spring is already upon us, which means that the Parvo season has begun, and there is an infinitely more aggressive Parvo Strain that is killing dogs at a scary rate. The 2c Strain (aka F-Strain) can kill both fully-vaccinated adult dogs and puppies within 6-12 hours after symptoms first appear.

We put together this little quiz to see if you are up on the latest Parvo facts. These are all True/False questions:

  1. Parvo is a puppy disease and my adult dogs are safe.
  2. All of my dogs are up-to-date on their shots, therefore they are protected.
  3. I’m worried that my cat can get infected from my Parvo puppy, should I be?
  4. Foul-smelling dog diarrhea mainly comes from eating junk food.
  5. Canine Parvovirus is not contagious to humans.
  6. My vet quoted $750+ for Parvo treatments for my dog, I heard this is low?
  7. Parvo cannot survive snow and desert-heat temperatures.
  8. Parvo can only be spread via infected dog feces.
  9. Parvo can incubate from 3-15 days before symptoms appear.
  10. Parvo tests at the vet are always accurate.

Parvo is widely misunderstood. One thing is for sure, it will attack your pet and can take his life if you don’t take immediate action. So often, people are caught unawares and just have no idea what to look for. Parvo symptoms can suddenly appear almost out of the blue – one minute your dog is his usual playful self and the next minute he is lying around, not eating, no energy – basically, not the dog you know and love.

The typical symptoms of Parvo can confuse you at first. You may suppose your dog has just swallowed something that didn’t agree with him, when in fact he may already be infected and very ill with the scourge of the Earth, Canine Parvo virus.

This is the reason why we wrote Parvo Treatment 101, which is a FREE eBook that will help you learn all you need to know about Parvo and what are the dog Parvo symptoms to watch out for. We also talk about exactly what is an effective Parvo treatment. You will undoubtedly run across many treatments for Parvo, and we can help you understand their pros and cons, as we’ve done tons of research into this issue.

We hope that you found this information useful and when you download our free eBook, that should clear up many issues you may have about Parvo.

And finally, how did you score on our little Parvo Quiz? Ideally, you don’t want to miss more than 1 … Well, we can help you out. If you pay a visit to our PET Blog we will have all of the answers to this quiz and possibly other issues you may have on your mind.

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