Why Did My 7 Year Old Healthy Dog Die From Pancreatitis?

She was incredibly healthy and showed almost no signs of illness. One day she didn’t eat and was lathargic so we took her to the vet. Two days later she died. The vet took a blood test, x-ray, gave her antibiotics, and she still died. I’m at a loss. What could have caused this? She didn’t have a fatty diet. Did the vet do all that he could do? Could she have had cancer and we didn’t know it? Please help.

I’m sorry for your loss. My dog once got pancreatitis, we didn’t realize it until her fever kicked in and she became more and more lethargic. My dog got sick because she consumed 3 dozen cookies. My dog had to spend 2 days at the hospital. I’m sure the veterinarian did all he could. Your dog could have consumed something, or depending on the breed, have had it for a while. I hope I could help with some closure.
Arianna D

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