Natural Treatments For Dogs

Vet bills are expensive Today and where I live in Ireland there is alot of talk of recession and some people are giving up their dogs because they can’t afford the bills.

While I believe that you should always consult your Vet first if there is a problem with your Dog there are certainly some really helpful things you can do as well to heal your Dog’s troubles.

1) Reiki has been used for centuries on people but not alot of people know that it can also help animals and animals love having Reiki treatments. Reiki is an ancient system of healing that transmits energy into chakra points. Humans and animals both have chakras and Reiki energy has been effective against all manor of ailments that a Dog may have. Check out for more info on Reiki.

2) Homeopathy has also been used exstensively to treat all manor of conditions in humans and animals. Homeopathy works on a like cures like basis as opposed to modern medicine. The principle goes as follows: a minute quantity a substance that makes a healthy person ill will cure a problem in a sick person who has the symptoms that substance would cause in a healthy person. The same works for animals so if your dog is sick this is a viable alternative or a treatment that can be used along side conventional medicine.

3) EFT is short for emotional freedom technique and has been used to treat all manor of emotional problems in humans but it also works on animals. It works by tapping meridian points on your dog to release trapped emotions and help them to feel better.Check out for more info.

I hope you find some of the suggestions above helpful and you will be able to start healing your dog yourself sometimes.

I have outlined above just a small amount of whats out there at the moment to help your dogs health. If you’d like more detailed info check out

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Natural Heartworm Prevention For Dogs

Are you looking for natural heartworm prevention for dogs? Many concerned pet owners are looking for natural prevention methods because of the harsh side effects that can be caused by traditional veterinarian medicines. I am sure you know that heartworms can be serious and I am sure that you also know that dogs can be given healthier and safer prevention methods just like humans can today for a variety of illnesses and ailments. Just imagine being able to save our canine friends from harsh side effects and being able to save a few bucks in the process.

Let’s take a quick look at the problems with the traditional approach and then turn to the natural heartworm for dog’s issue.


Side effects from use of heartworm preventative medications include diarrhea, convulsions, vomiting and general tiredness or weakness. Your pet’s body recognizes the chemicals in the heartworm pills as poison and uses their immune systems to try and fight off what they see as foreign bodies. Therefore, when on these medications your pets will have weakened immune systems which allow your pet to get sick easier.

The active ingredients used in most commonly prescribed heartworm medicines contain insecticides. It is not wonder that our dogs can react negatively to these medicines. They are sold as preventative treatment but what you may not know is that are really killing larvae in our dog’s blood stream instead of preventing the larvae from getting there in the first place.

Did you know that garlic is being used to prevent heartworms? The theory is that when our dogs eat garlic their skin puts of a pungent smell that keeps insects from biting the dog. Because mosquito bites from an infected mosquito is what transfers the larvae to our dog’s skin and is the cause ultimately of heartworms, garlic is being used to fend off the mosquito bites. It is also used for fleas.


Because many veterinarians now recognize that long term use of preventative medications can cause side effects in our pets many people are turning to alternative methods to prevent heartworms. The methods will help overall but you should discuss using them with your vet.

Provide a healthy diet. Many people are now avoiding commercial pet food and feeding their pets natural vegetables, fruits, and raw meat Boost your pet’s immune system Strengthen your pet’s heart and circulatory system In areas where heartworms are prevalent think about regular de-worming Black walnut extract and garlic are also being used as preventatives Prevention is much cheaper than treatment at the vet’s office

Many current medications produce harmful side effects in our pets. That is why a growing number of concerned pet owners have decided to use natural remedies. Many natural remedies work quite well and save you a bunch of money in the process. Read on through the last paragraph and find out home remedies secrets that are safe and effective.

Are you making any of the classic pet treatment mistakes which will cause you to miss out on natural heartworm for dogs treatment? I hate to admit it but I have made most if not all of them myself. Find out what they are and how to avoid them by visiting right now before you do any serious harm to your pet. They are a member of the family also.

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Herbal Pet Remedies – Natural Cures for Your Pet

Our friends only half-jokingly refer to our home as a zoo. We have birds, cats, dogs, and a koi pond. If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of money at the vet for remedies that simply do not work. Many pet owners like yourself are discovering that medicines you receive from your vet are less effective or simply do not work at all. And some medications can have serious, unwanted side effects. Many pet owners, looking for a better and more loving way to treating their pets are increasing turning to herbal pet remedies and other natural cures.

There are many natural cures that can be used for your pet. For instance, did you know that garlic is actually a very simple remedy that can be used to treat your dog’s heart worms? It’s true. And garlic has many other uses. It can be used effectively to repel fleas and other parasites. A solution of vitamin E and mineral or almond oil can be applied to you pet’s ears. Not only will it kill the mites but it will also soothe the skin that was irritated by the mites.

There are numerous other herbal pet remedies and natural cures available for your pet. For example, there are remedies available for:

Weight problems
Skin irritation
Ear and eye problems

And the list goes on and on. Why continue spends hundreds of dollars on chemical medications that may have harmful side effects when there are herbal pet remedies and natural cures you could be using? You pet deserves the best treatment your can give him.

If you want to discover the truth about herbal pet remedies and natural cures for your pet, more information is available at

Being born into a military family, Loyd has lived in many different states and countries. Loyd was in the Army himself for 6-years and spent 2-1/2 years in Vietnam. Loyd’s travels have enabled him to meet a wide variety of people and he has himself been enriched by observing and learning their many different cultures. Loyd is an animal lover and activist. He is also politically active. Loyd has owned and operated a computer sales and service company and currently consults on computer and internet related issues.

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Natural Cures For Dogs


Most dogs are scared of loud noises, specifically thunderstorms and other unexpected sounds that rattles their little ears —especially for puppies. Dogs are not used to hearing loud popping sounds and their ears are sharper and more sensitive than adult dog’s ears.

When dog owners deal with the possibility of having a panicked stricken, nervous puppy, some owners use tranquilizers as a last resort during a looming thunderstorm. Of course this is an intense treatment that is not really recommended. There is a new solution, a safe, drug-free, over-the-counter supplement that is available to dogs with anxiety called melatonin.

Natural Cures for Dog’s – Two All-Natural Supplements Used To Prevent Stress & Fleas

You have probably heard of melatonin already, many pet owners have used it. It is a naturally occurring hormone that is secreted by a small endocrine gland called the pineal gland. This is located at the bottom area of the brain.

Melatonin aids in regulating and maintain the body’s circadian rhythm (the body’s 24-hour internal clock that prompts mammals of when to fall asleep and when to get up). In human beings, melatonin is used as a natural sleeping aid. In dogs, however, this natural hormone is given to alleviate the fear of thunder and other frightening sounds. Many dog owners also use melatonin to help combat against other stress related issues that their dogs may suffer from.

Melatonin – Used To Help Treat Your Dog’s Fear Of Thunderstorms

Experts say that Melatonin has a positive result with at least 75% of dogs who take the supplement. With many dogs, melatonin is most effective when it is given prior to a thunderstorm. In other dogs, however, do best when the supplement is administered as they are starting to show signs of nervousness and panic.

Additionally, Melatonin works within the body for about 8 hours and should never be administered to pregnant dogs. Consult your vet before you give to your dog for the recommended safety dose.

Using Natural Plant Oils To Get Rid Of Fleas

Another all-natural product which can aid in curing one of your dog’s worst enemies is natural plant oil used to stop fleas. A new solution has finally available for many dog owners who are looking for a safer and more natural way in treating fleas. This is known as aromatherapy. This is described as a mixture of different plant oils as a natural substitute to strong chemicals used in controlling fleas.

These potent oils are extracted from plants using a special type of distillation process better known as steam distillation. The formula is rubbed into the dog’s coat and is believed to be very helpful in treating and averting fleas. Several of these natural plant oil products also have essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint. All of these ingredients aid in creating a very soothing effect on your dog’s skin and coat. These are also very effective in warding off mosquitoes.

Article by Kelly Marshall from Oh My Dog Supplies – the top place to buy dog beds online

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