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Is There Anything I Can Do To Kill Fleas On A Pregnant Bulldog?

My roommate is housing an English bulldog for her cousin for the next few weeks and she seems to have fleas from a local dog park. She’s started rubbing her behind all over everything thus giving herself a nasty sore. We have bathed her in natural Wags shampoo but I don’t know what to do to get rid of the fleas or soothe her itching! She is only around 2-3 weeks pregnant. Is there any natural remedy or cure I can give her for these fleas? I have other dogs in my house (another bullie and 2 pugs) all of which suffer from flea allergies. They’re on K9 Advantix but I’m still worried! Please help if you have any idea on what to do for this poor itchy baby!
PS before it comes up, her owners are on a cruise so I can’t contact them about this matter or else I would!

Could Natural Flea Remedy Poison My Dog?

My dog recently got fleas so by boyfriend got a natural flea remedy called “only natural pet” the all in one flea remedy. it contains diatomaceous earth, sage, eucalyptus, yellow rock root, fennel seed, and rosemary leaf. She has been on this powder cure for about 2-3 days and now is having diarrhea, drools a lot, and had an accident when she was picked up yesterday. She’s never had these problems previously, could it be the powder? If not what would you recommend? She is 3 years old, 50 lb, and a chow- german sheppard mix from a rescue.