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Do You Have Everything You Need For That New Puppy?

Getting a puppy is not a decision to be taken lightly, looking after a dog is a commitment of 10+ years and you need to make sure you are ready for that. Plus you need to make sure you have everything you need to look after the puppy, before you bring it home, otherwise you could end up in a pickle.

The most obvious thing to make sure you have is food, a puppy is like a baby and it is going to be hungry a lot so it can get all the nutrients it needs to grow. You can get special puppy blends of food which tend to have more nutrients in them to help them grow, but that may be just a marketing ploy so do your own research before you buy that.

Another thing you will need is lots of toys. That may seem like something you can buy later, but you will need them to distract your hyperactive puppy so you can get some work done! If you get some toys that can roll then they can spend hours chasing them around and will nicely tire themselves out at the same time too, also toys they can chew are great to stop them chewing anything else around the house.

Your puppy chewing things up can be a real problem, and one common target is the bed which usually ends up in bits by the end of the day, even though they seem to love their bed and sleep in it all the time. One thing you could try to stop this happening is to buy one of the indestructible dog beds which is a lot more sturdy and will stop them either getting their teeth into anything they can grip, or just be tough enough to withstand the chewing, or you can get the trained out of the habit.

You will also need some grooming supplies to help keep them fit and healthy, like a dog brush and maybe a tooth brush for them too (brushing regularly will help their breath as well as keep their teeth healthy). Plus a book on puppy and adult dog care would be a great investment if you are new to dog ownership, so you can have some guidance on what you need to do and when.

The final, but probably most important thing to do, is to find a vet in your local area who you will take your dog too. Then once you have the puppy take it along for an examination and to find out what shots it need etc..

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Offer Your New Dog Puppy A Comfortable Home In Your House

Bringing a new pet at home is an exciting event, especially if it is a small puppy. It is not easy for him to get used to a new home and you need to help him feel more secure. The most significant thing to be aware of is that dogs chew things. In reality dogs can chew anything and everything in your home. They will chew shoes, clothes, rugs, phone cables and electric conductors. They can even chew their own box or whatever else you are able to think of.

If you possess things that are very valuable then be sure to keep them out of reach. Repair leads and any unbound edges of carpet and rug with care so they are not tempting for them to chew. If you have valuable carpets then pack them and put them in a location that is not accessible to the dog. Purchase your pet dog bedding. Plastic is the best option because it can be cleaned in a simple way and economize the space.

Ordinary wicker boxes look great but they will fast may be ruined by a chewing dog. Supply your dog’s sleeping area with cheap bedding. This will all get chewed up but it can be replaced. Make sure that you puppy cannot get into any cupboards and different places where household chemicals are kept. Kid security locks can be installed in kitchen cup boards. Outside the home be certain that the puppy is not exposed to any chemicals that might be used on the lawns, plants or paths. Do not allow the pet to go into these areas. This apples to anything in the yard that may be bad for the puppy.

Be sure you have good quality puppy accessories and leash for your pet. A harness is often better for a dog in the first month than a traditional collar. It offers you some kind of control if your pet makes an attempt to run and it is more confortable for your pet. Get your puppy accustomed to a collar little by little.

You new pet will require some short walks each day rather than a longer walk.  The general purpse of the walks at this time is to familiarize the puppy to do their toilet outside the house. Always be armed with a pooper trowel so that you are able to clean up when necessary. Dog feces can attract worms that are bad for kids. Inside the house you should consider using a puppy pen. It can help to keep the dog puppy out of trouble while you are busy with other things. It provides a dog a good location to sleep too.

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How To Take Care Of A Puppy? ?

i been waiting years to get a puppy now i am going to get one in about a week.. but i don’t know how i should take care of it or what should i should teach it when i first get him.
do you guys have any tips?

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